Cardinal Pell is Free!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The High Court of Australia dismissed the conviction of George Cardinal Pell on all counts, in the case which regarded the allegation of his accusation of sexually abusing two young men in the sacristy of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, in Melbourne, more than 30 years ago.

The High Court took 4 hours to deliberate. Their judgement, was that the lower courts erred  when judging the probity of evidence and allegations against him. His Eminence has spent 400 days in prison. He appealed his conviction on September 17, 2019. The ruling today was handed down in the small city Brisbane, in Queensland, about a 2 hour flight from Sydney, due to to Corona Control methods.

The High Court made its call on the basis of the fundamental principle of common law, that every man is to be presumed innocent before the law, and that therefore in judgements against anyone who is accused, a jury must entertain doubt as to the evidence which is alleged but not proven with physical evidence.

The High Court released this official summary of its decision:

Today, the High Court granted special leave to appeal against a decision of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria and unanimously allowed the appeal. The High Court found that the jury, acting rationally on the whole of the evidence, ought to have entertained a doubt as to the applicant’s guilt with respect to each of the offences for which he was convicted, and ordered that the convictions be quashed and that verdicts of acquittal be entered in their place.

You can read more about today’s news at Japan Today, a screenshot of whose page on the story is the Featured Image of this report.

Cardinal George is 78 and as a Cardinal of the Roman Church is still eligible to vote in a Conclave for another 2 years.

His accusation, trial, conviction and first appeal were widely seen by Catholics to be show trials against the Church based on pure bigotry and hatred of the Catholic religion for opposing the agenda of the Masonic establishment in Australia.

The decision of the High Court has demonstrated that such was the case.

It is widely speculated, that the Cardinal, now freed, will be a strong voice against the forces which are presently working to destroy the Church from within and without on account of the ordeal he has suffered.

The charges against the Cardinal were always improbable, due to the fact that the sacristy of the Cathedral is so large and spacious and entrance to it so large and unobstructed, that in the brief time after Mass on Sundays there would be no possibility of committing any crime without there being numerous witnesses by eyesight and ear.

I can personally testify to this spatial relationship of the Cathedral, having visited it the Autumn of 1988 for Sunday Mass.

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8 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell is Free!”

  1. Thank the Lord. Just in time for the darkest Holy Week in the history of the Church. Lord, please move Cardinal Pell to defend the cause of Benedict XVI!!

  2. Brother, the alleged offences were at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, not Sydney, of which I too am very familiar. God bless your continued work.

  3. In these dastardly times wth our Churches shut, no public Masses or sacraments offered & Easter Ceremonies prohibited, this news has been sent by God as an indication the He is always with us & has complete governance over all things. While we carry out our own commemorations as best we can, we the Laity know we can no longer trust in the present lot of successors to the First Apostles for guidance & support in saving our souls, rather we must make our own way through prayer, penance & necessary action to follow Our Saviour through His Passion unto Eternal Life.

  4. I have always believed he was innocent. Hopefully this is an answer by Our Lady in response to the prayers offered by everyone around the world, led by you, Brother B, for the extirpation of the False Church of Darkness. May Cardinal Pell, (strengthened by Our Lord) who also was falsely accused by many within the Church, and those within the government of Australia ( just as Jesus was falsely accused, imprisoned and cruelly treated by his people and the Romans) regain his rightful position as a true Shepherd and lead the remnant through this hour of Darkness, and pledge his loyalty to the true Vicar of Christ, as we all walk the way of the Cross. Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, intercede for us, your children, that we may not succumb to the great deception led by the anti Pope JB.

  5. Perhaps Cardinal Pell can persuade Cardinal Burke to publicly confront the antipope madness, eh?

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