Italian Deputy Minister of Health: Normality will return only when THE Vaccine becomes available!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The script has already been written, the actors are already on the stages. Its the same script for 1000 stages, all scattered around the world.

Except it is not a theatrical company or a play or musical, it is the most insanely evil conspiracy against mankind, executed by political and ecclesiastical leaders who are as evil as stupid.

This became evident in Italy, when the Deputy Ministery of Health, Dr. Pierpaolo Sileri opened his mouth:

When we return to normality, living together with the virus, the use of masks will be fundamental, above all when maintaining the distance for safety will not be possible. The true normality will arrive with the vaccine.

With the vaccine? In Italian he said, “con il vaccino”. He could have said, “with a vaccine”, or “with vaccines”, but he did not.

Are you getting the message?

If not read this explanation.

Dr. Pierpaolo Sileri is a surgeon by training. Perhaps that explains why he does not know what he is talking about. But his Ph.D. is in robotics and computers in their application in surgery. He tested positive for Coronavirus on March 14, 2020. He won his seat in parliament by 0.19% of the vote, here at Rome. That is 646 votes. He is a member of the ruling party, the 5 Star Movement. quotes Sileri at length, so we can understand what he is saying better:

If the virus is not circulating, the mask is not useful. Where these measures of security cannot be guaranteed, the mask should be used, for example at the supermarket it offers an optimum level of protection. All this will have to be enforced in the upcoming weeks with preventative medicine throughout the territory, provided in the next few years. A competent doctor will be necessary who is capable to intelligently identify persons with minor symptoms and to control eventual outbreaks, even by a wide use of swab-tests to individuate positive cases. The risk will never be zero, but to bring us as close to zero, it will be fundamental that the vaccine arrives.

Once again, he said, “the vaccine”.


CREDITS:  All the English translations in this article of Sileri’s statements are by FromRome.Info. The Featured Image is a montage of his official photograph at the Italian Senate, which is in the public domain.

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5 thoughts on “Italian Deputy Minister of Health: Normality will return only when THE Vaccine becomes available!”

  1. Translation. “Normality” will resume when the fallen have received the Mark of the Beast.

  2. We are far too docile as a people. This is much too serious a situation for us to ignore. Time to start breaking the civil law in order to keep God’s Law. “The power of evil men lives on the cowardice of the good.” St. John Bosco.

  3. Adding to Catholicus’s translation: Society will not function until Bill Gates says it can and the manner in which he says it should.

  4. Best be prepared to get off the rocker and get ready for civil disobedience, at possibly great personal coat, which is only truly effective if it is civil in nature, widespread, and not individual.

    They’ll get the friggin’ needle in my arm only if they’re able to strap me down first.

    I will not comply with any such illegal law, just as I do not comply now with the directive to stay home from Mass.

  5. Alas, Aqua there will be no strapping down. They will threaten decapitation if you refuse the Mark of the Beast. People have seen thousands of matte black, modern-looking guillotines in storage and in transport. Decapitation is their preferred method of execution as it makes organ harvesting more efficient. Sudden death, and no prolonged trauma to the body/organs. That is what all those plastic FEMA coffins are for…moving the headless bodies to the harvesting centers.

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