Bill Gates: We won’t return to normal until “broad vaccination has taken place”

And of course, he means, with his vaccines!

In this video, with PBS News Hour, April 8, 2020, Bill Gates doubles down on his recent statements and expands the ban: now it is not just mass gatherings which should be banned, it is all “large public gatherings”.

He affirms that for 6 months to a year from now, the Corona Control will be in place.

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12 thoughts on “Bill Gates: We won’t return to normal until “broad vaccination has taken place””

  1. So, it’s gonna be “mass vaccinations” for some areas, no matter what the data says or will say. Got it!

  2. Absolutely true, nothing will be the same, sons and daughters of the devils, your head and your Anti-Christs/Luciferians of the NWO will be crushed to ashes. Read the Prophecy that God had warned your father from the beginning. All evils come from these seeds of Satan. Jesus Christ did not call them “your father is Satan…” for no reason.

  3. WhatsApp appear to be censoring this video. If you share the youtube link and then click on it, it goes to the youtube home page, even though the address is correct.

  4. Curious thing: Why in a brief 1min. 26 sec spot does he keep touching his wedding ring and squeezing his fingers around it as though it’s bothering him? The last time I did that was 55 years ago on my honeymoon when I wasn’t yet used to it being there. Is he only wearing it for show, to demonstrate to his adoring public what a caring family man he is? Just askin’?

    1. It is curious, but it might just be that he has a ring for the cameras which is the original for a younger hand, and now his fingers are swelling with age. And that he has another ring he wears normally which is better suited.

  5. It should be quickly & publicly established if Bill Gates is prepared to pay the salaries & pensions of those he is instructing to stay put in their homes until he produces this vaccine. If he’s not willing to do this then he has already lost the plot. People are already very suspicious of how this virus got released from Wuhan, how it appears all elites have the antidote already & why it is seemingly politically motivated biowarfare to gain totalitarian control of the world. His bubble is bound to burst long before his factories can meet the demand for a vaccination, by which time it will have mutated & the race will be on for a follow-up vaccine. Does he think the world is that stupid to play along with NWO instructions while they & their families languish in their homes waiting for Bill Gates to release them?

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