ID2020 is the end game for the COVID-19 Stunt

Stop everything you are doing and get an internet connection where you can view this video. Chico, the host, cites all the original sources where the world’s elites admit what they are working toward: Digital identification of everyone on earth, tied to proof of vaccination for COVID-19, using block-chain technologies, delivered by Microsoft. And it was all planned in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation.

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3 thoughts on “ID2020 is the end game for the COVID-19 Stunt”

  1. Well… there it is! In light of everything we’ve been hearing and learning about during this shamdemic, it seems Bill Gates and all of his partners around the world ie. politicians, organizations and religious leaders, are just a bunch of useful idiots employed by the very Antichrist. They’re all his technicians. They roll out the next step, and the next step, and the next step, but none of them are important enough to actually call the shots. Bill Gates has absolutely no charism, his reputation is that of a plumber who comes into your home and steals the most valuable and obvious artifacts from you, then he comes in and out of the house nervously smiling at you, waving each time he sees you, and constantly reminds you that everything is going well and that he’s still working on your problem, and it’s always almost ready! So, there has to be someone a lot wiser, a lot greater, much more powerful, a lot smarter, a heck of a lot more subtle, than any of these bozos we’re seeing. He’s either operating in the background already (not visible to the public) or these bozos are so stupid, they don’t even know who they’re really working for.

  2. If a truly elected President & a truly elected Pope can be ignored by their opponents who cast them aside in complete diabolical transgression of the Law of the land/Church that has instated them, then the Law is no longer fit for purpose & can be trampled on by any bandito. Society will implode if these grave transgressions are allowed to foment any further & adds fuel to the prediction of Our Lady of Quito that – “To try the faith and trust of these just ones, there will be times when all will seem lost and paralyzed. It will then be the happy beginning of the complete restoration….”

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