Cathedral Vicar publicly disavows Bergoglio, recognizes Benedict as the true pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A Catholic priest of the Diocese of Viterbo, Italy, has publicly disavowed Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the Pope and has returned to loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI!

He made his profession public on April, 1, 2020 and asked that it be distributed throughout all the world. His name is Don. Francesco d’Erasmo. He is the parochial Vicar of the co-Cathedral of Tarquinia, in the Diocese of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia. Therefore, he is a cleric of no small standing. His profession in its original Italian, can be found at:

Here is an English translation of his Act:


I humbly beg those who have the possibility, to give the maximum diffusion to my writing, freeing them at the same time of any personal responsibility for the content, so that it can really reach its recipients, in particular:

To His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, to all the bishops and lay faithful of the Catholic Church, to all men of good will,

I, Francesco d’Erasmo, born in Milan on January 29, 1974, baptized on February 10, 1974, ordained presbyter of the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church in La Storta on June 26, 1999, residing in Tarquinia, VT, at the known address, in full possession of my faculties, after having for many years pondered this step before God, fully aware of the consequences that it can entail,

in renewing my faith, professed by my parents and godparents in my Baptism, renewed by myself in the Diaconal and Presbyteral Ordination, in receiving the office of parish priest in 2017, as in all the exercise of my ministry in the service of the Saint Catholic Church, previous and following, also by letter and publicly,

I explicitly specify that I renew my profession of faith compulsory according to the formula required for those who hire an Office in the Church, according to the norms of the Canons,

in particular, I explicitly renew what was proposed to swear in the so-called Anti-modernist Oath prescribed by Saint Pius X on September 1, 1910,

and explicitly precise the following, as an integral and inseparable part of my profession of faith.

I acknowledge before God that I can no longer remain silent and not even in the implicit allusion to what I am here to declare. I ask forgiveness from God and men if my hesitation so far had been guilty, although animated by good faith, fearing that the consequences of this act for the good of the Church would not be good.

I can no longer keep silent the certainty of what God shows in the eyes of my intelligence and my heart, in my conscience, otherwise I would be complicit in the evil that derives from it:


THAT the one who currently sits on the Chair of Peter with the name attributed to him by Francis, Jorge Mario BERGOGLIO, DOES NOT BELONG TO THE COMMUNION OF THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH, IS ANATHEM, EXCOMMUNICATED, SO IS NOT TRUE POPE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

I am aware that only God has the authority to dismiss a pontiff.

However, I remember that anyone in the Holy Church falls into heresy and therefore loses the Office himself.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has incurred multiple very serious heresies, even touching the apostasy of the faith, through declarations and documents published by him and declarations attributed to him and not denied, even if not pronounced “ex cathedra”, confusing with these acts the faith of the faithful, abusing the faith and obedience that they have towards the legitimate Successor of Peter, tolerating, nurturing and encouraging in the practice of the Church heresies and sins against Catholic morality, equally if not more serious, also reached to touch apostasy, and often punishing those who opposed all this.

I remember among the most recent the serious sin of idolatry in the worship of veneration to a pagan idol committed in the Basilica of San Pietro in his presence, never denied or disavowed by him, who indeed has publicly deplored and disavowed those who publicly opposed this extremely serious sacrilege. I remember the denial of the Divinity of Jesus Christ and Hell in interviews published in his name and never clearly denied. I remember the public and solemn denial of Jesus Christ the only Savior given by God to men.

I thank God for giving me the certainty of the deferral of this act of mine through the events of these days and today’s liturgy, as I come to describe, not for my justification, but for help to those who want to know the truth.

The subtle insinuation that there is an authority that can dispense the faithful from the Easter Precept is in fact the most serious sin of idolatry ever seen. It places the authority of God below another authority right in the heart of the worship due to God by the Holy Catholic Church for the sanctification of the faithful.

Man stands above God himself!

This sin was already present in many other acts of Bergoglio, especially regarding the discipline of access to the sacraments and ecclesiastical offices, but it was always possible, for those who wanted it, not to collaborate personally in such sacrileges.

At this moment his abusive exercise of Authority, conferred by Christ himself on Peter to confirm the faith of the brothers, implies also the physical impediment to the faithful to be able to obey the command of God by sanctifying Easter. And this by virtue of an alleged obedience to a political power, which however has no legitimate authority over acts of worship.

In this situation it is evident that a bishop dressed in white finds himself in the role of Nebuchadnezzar in front of the three children, creating an unprecedented confusion in the conscience of the faithful.

This is the abomination of desolation. This cannot be recognized in any other way than as a great apostasy of Truth and Faith, which takes place through the direct responsibility of the one whom the world sees as the Successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ.

This is to deny that Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and therefore it is to deny that He is God, “the Son of God who came in the flesh”.

Protecting, or presuming to protect, health or respect for political order (or perhaps protecting from dangers that are secretly threatened and the People of God does not know) will never be more important than protecting the faithful from disobedience to God!

Jesus did not so command. Whoever does not give God what belongs to God cannot even give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. He gives Caesar what belongs to God.

Jesus did not do this!

I am aware that in this situation it is difficult to find a solution. It is not for me, on the other hand, to seek it, since I do not have the authority to do it.

But I remind those who have this authority, first of all, that “nothing is impossible for God”.

I also remember that “if they keep silent they will cry out the stones”. Some stones have already shouted, but the Church hierarchy seems to have been deaf to many of its members. Let’s hope they don’t shout again!

To the faithful who recognize the truth of what I say, but are baffled by the consequences, I remember that the Lord has promised that he will never abandon His Church.

The first who announced the coming of these events is Jesus in the Gospel, and the rest of the New Testament tells us that the enemies of true faith would arise among us.

I specify that the sacraments administered within the Catholic Church remain valid, as those administered in other Churches that have not enjoyed full communion with the legitimate Successor of Peter have been valid for centuries. So also the government acts, which, if not valid, can always be remedied, or in any case corrected with other valid acts.

The Holy Church is founded on the faith of the Apostle Peter, and this can never fail!

If anyone, who has the authority to intervene, could be restrained by the fear of the consequences for the faithful, as has happened to me to date, I remember the testimony of the three children in the furnace, or of Susanna, as of all the Saints of God, especially the Martyrs: “Better for me to be killed than to sin against my God.” True Catholic faithful still have this perseverance, and often still today, in hiding, they exercise it with enormous sacrifices, to the point of offering the same life. They do not feel abandoned if their bodies find themselves in power to men who can kill them, but they feel abandoned by their shepherds if their faith is at the mercy of Satan’s deception.

I remind you and all Christians again, through the word of Saint Paul the Apostle, the danger of being accomplices of the current great apostasy: “I am surprised that, so quickly, from the one who called you with the grace of Christ you pass to another gospel. But there is not another, except that there are some who upset you and want to subvert the Gospel of Christ. But if we ourselves, or an angel from heaven would announce to you a different Gospel from what we have announced to you, be anathema! We have already said it and now I repeat it: if someone announces you a different gospel from the one you have received, be anathema! In fact, is it the consent of men that I seek, or that of God? Or do I try to please men? If I still tried to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ! “

Peter himself, whose role Bergoglio abuses, said to the High Priests of the Sanhedrin: “We must obey God instead of men”.

Two years ago I wrote an allusive passage, referring to Daniele’s words in front of Susanna, and superimposing an image of the Tears of Blood of the Madonnina of Civitavecchia, and published it on the internet, at the address, because were visible in front of everyone. This was the attempt to testify what I now say, in the most implicit way possible, convinced of avoiding the harmful consequences for the Church that an explicit statement could have caused.

Now is the time to explicitly say what I was expressing, and therefore also to explain the allusion:

“I’m innocent of this woman’s blood.”

Daniele decided not to be an accomplice through the silence of the killing of the innocent Susanna.

I don’t want to be complicit with my silence of the Blood of the Catholic Church, because blood is for life, and the Life of the Catholic Church is His Faith in Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary is the image and model of the Holy Church. In His holy Image he cried Blood Tears. It is the Blood of Jesus His Son, as she herself declared. It is therefore the Blood of the Church itself, the Mystical Body of Her son, terribly tortured and killed in the apostasy of His Faith and Truth.

I, Francesco d’Erasmo, am innocent of the Blood of this Woman!

So I believe and profess before God Almighty Father, to Jesus Christ His Son Our Lord, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world through fire, and to the Holy Spirit of Truth, to the Virgin Mary Mother of God and of the Church, Queen of Heaven, Immaculate Conception, to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and to all the heavenly hosts, before the whole Communion of Saints, triumphant, purgative and militant, and before all men of good will.

So may the Holy Gospels help me.


Francesco d’Erasmo

Diocese of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia, 1 April 2020, the eve of the birth of St. John Paul II in Heaven.


Indispensable clarification:

The DECLARATION published by me on 01.03.2020 is a strictly personal act, of which I CARRY THE EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY, due to the exclusive decision of the writer, without any type of involvement and not even prior knowledge of any other person in the world, as well as all the texts published by me online at . Even the photos juxtaposed there were a purely my initiative, as well as the references to the Madonnina of Civitavecchia in any form and content.

In particular, I deny any type of involvement, even indirect, with the Gregori family of Civitavecchia, protagonist of the well-known story of the Madonnina, in any way, not even marginal.

The spiritual father of the Gregori family is Father Manuel Hernández Jerez, as is known. I am not and have never been a spiritual father of the Gregori family.

This clarification is necessary to avoid undue attributions of responsibility, since it is instead known that I have received, as indeed anyone who goes to their home, hospitality, affection and friendship from this respectable family. However, this does not mean that they are in any way responsible for my personal initiatives.

I also ask those who have kindly circulated my declaration to also spread this text together with it.

For me, this clarification is so important that if it were not clear and damages this innocent family, I would rather be ready to deny everything I wrote.

In faith before God,

Francesco d’Erasmo, April 2, 2020, anniversary of the birth of St. John Paul II in Heaven



CREDITS: The Featured Image is of Father Erasmus offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the Altar of Our Lady of Sorrows, in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, and is take from his blog.

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16 thoughts on “Cathedral Vicar publicly disavows Bergoglio, recognizes Benedict as the true pope”

  1. A wonderful summation of the past seven years of Bergoglionism. Would that every priest & prelate of the CC would wake up to what has been happening before all our eyes & publicly denounce the False Prophet who has kept the lawful Pope a prisoner in the Vatican, abandoned seven million of God’s flock to a Communist Regime, revered pagan idols in the Vatican & now closed all churches preventing our Easter commemorations from being held with no semblance of re-opening them until they are ‘permitted’ by NWO elites who have been plotting against adherents to Christ for years, aided & abetted by Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.

    Could you please give clarification to the following passage where Fr. Francesco d’Erasmo states: “I specify that the sacraments administered within the Catholic Church remain valid, as those administered in other Churches that have not enjoyed full communion with the legitimate Successor of Peter have been valid for centuries.: which implies that Protestant churches have held on to validity of their Orders which the CC always maintained were lost by schism. Maybe an error of translation?

    1. He is refering to the Greek Orthodox. The protestants reject the notion of Sacraments and the Anglicans do not have the reality. Baptism is not efficacious in heretical sects, but is generally held to impart the character.

  2. How about a follow-up Brother to see what happens to courageous Fr. Francesco d’ a result of his action, which will probably be called outrageous disobedient grandstanding by his Bishop.

  3. Along with Bishops Lenga, Gracida, in some way Achibishop Vigano, and now , this brave priest, this could be the begginig…
    Let us pray to the Lord , Easter is coming.

    1. Don’t forget Don Alessandro Minutella and Don Enrico Roncaglia! There is also another in Colombia. And Father Walter Covens in the Carribean. And many others whose names may be known to God alone.

  4. Michael: EENS (Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus) is a dogma of the OHC&A Church. VII relativists with their false ecumenism tried, as they always have done, to bring Christ’s teaching up-to-date. Of course, they cannot do so, as that would be setting themselves above Our Lord as Antipope Francis did when he changed The Lord’s Prayer after denying His Deity. In this instance it is of the utmost importance to acknowledge that EENS still applies to all outside the True Church instituted by Jesus on St. Peter & the First Apostles. It is they that must join the Bride of Christ & not the other way round, even if we have family/friends/colleagues that are still imbedded in other beliefs or none. That is why I asked for clarification on that point.

    1. EENS is a dogma of the Church, and it does not mean that you can be saved outside of the Church, as the Modernists attempt to flip it. That is why the Church is called the Barque of Salvation, not the Bank of Salvation.

  5. I agree with and stand with this faithful, courageous priest. Long live Pope Benedict!

  6. Outside Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, tree is no Salvation, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.

    “It is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion”, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost; It Is “Through Christ, With Christ, And In Christ, In The Unity Of The Holy Ghost”, that Holy Mother Church exists.

  7. God bless Fr. d’Erasmo!! All we need is to get more of our priests to endorse this letter by signing their names right under Fr. d’Erasmo’s. Can we get an online signature going where signatures can be gathered and kept hidden from the public until a certain amount of signatures are reached? This would be huge! I know at least 3 priests who would put their names on this if another 100 of them do too.

  8. “From Fatima to Civitavecchia, we are living in the Third Secret”
    Interview/ Father UBODI

    “Satan’s shadow is now darkening the whole world and it is also darkening God’s Church. Prepare to live what I had revealed to my little daughters of Fatima”. On that same occasion – 27 August 1995 – Our Lady communicated to little Jessica the Third Secret of Fatima, which she still holds deep in her heart. So all this makes us understand that the prophecies have begun, they are ongoing, but they are far from over…”


    “A Catholic priest of the Diocese of Viterbo, Italy, has publicly disavowed Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the Pope and has returned to loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI! He made his profession public on April, 1, 2020 and asked that it be distributed throughout all the world. His name is Don. Francesco d’Erasmo. He is the parochial Vicar of the co-Cathedral of Tarquinia, in the Diocese of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia.”

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