Why did Bill Gates give his son a name which equals 666?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have previously commented on the urban legend about Bill Gates III”is a name whose Ascii value in the decimal system equals 666. I showed that that is incorrect. But, I closed that article with the observation that the Ascii string “BILLGATES” does equal 666, if you consider that in Ascii every string is terminated by the end of text character, which has the value of 3. Kind of coincidental that Bill Gates, whose real name is William Henry  Gates III, ends up having that value.

Having a name which has the Ascii value of a Biblical number of perdition is not easy to come by. It is even more rare, if you name your son with a name which also has the value of 666 in Ascii.

But Bill Gates did that.  His son’s name is  Rory John Gates.  The Ascii strings “RORY” and “GATES” united with the unit separator character, which has the Ascii code of 31 (but which would not appear between RORY and JOHN when printed, since it separates the First  name from the Middle name) also have the value of 666.


82 + 79 + 82 + 89 + 31 + 74 + 79 + 72 + 78

Imagine that!

Nothing to worry about? Perhaps not, because as Our Lord Jesus Christ said, The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against My Church (the Gospel of St. Matthew 16:18).

Rory is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name meaning ‘red king’. John is the English version of the Hebrew name meaning ‘gift of God’.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a meme by DailyVerses.Net, and uses the passage from Matthew according to the King James Bible. It is used here as an unsollicited free advertisment of their services.

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7 thoughts on “Why did Bill Gates give his son a name which equals 666?”

  1. Brother Alexis, it’s not the first time you mention this 666 in people’s names. Have in mind that the isosteric numerology of the Luciferian cabala only works with the Hebrew alphabet, not with the one we use! This is a vital piece of information that God left us in Revelations…yes it is the number of a man, but above all God gave us the clue towards the faith system of those of the synagogue of satan [and it’s proxy]: the jewish luciferian cabala. This esoteric isn’t applied on our alphabet.

    1. Luis,

      Saint John did not specify in what language the name of the beast would be written, and that is not the point, it was the number. However, regardless of what the Jews do, there are others who think its cute to use the number to describe themselves or their children simply because they hate Jesus Christ.

  2. Imagine that: Space is ASCII 32, not 31. So you fixing it to fit.
    A# BUGNOLO adds up to 666 too. Why #? Why not?

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