6 thoughts on “Are Ventilators killing COVID-19 patients?”

  1. Risks of being on ventilator:

    – Infection. (main risk)
    – Irritation. (The breathing tube can rub against and irritate your throat or lungs.)
    – Vocal cord issues. (Both kinds of breathing tubes pass through your voice box ‘larynx’, which contain your vocal cords).
    – Lung injury.

  2. dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell warned for that some time ago. See Natural News.com for the article.

    And please check into the article about baking soda on dr.sircus.com Virus- and bacterium killer. ‘pH level of viruses is their achilles heel’

    dr Mark Sircus did a great job with this article. Separately I will send you the article and the compilation we made, because the brand sold in Italy does not have on it the ‘how tu use it as a medicine-text’ In the Netherlands ‘Arm and Hammer’ baking soda is sold in supermarkets.

    Virenfrei. http://www.avg.com

    Op ma 13 apr. 2020 om 22:15 schreef FromRome.Info :

    > From Rome Editor posted: “https://youtu.be/C4oBPmUZ5KU” >

  3. I’ve been saying this for weeks and trying to tell people on Facebook but none of my friends are interested, it’s very scary what is going on in the hospitals and possible human rights abuses

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