How public opinion is manipulated through the Main Stream Media

This video not only explains the topic named in the title of this post, but explains the pedophile network in the Obama administration, which might have been the motivation for replacing Pope Benedict XVI with the St. Gallen Mafia’s Don.

WARNING: FromRome.Info does not recommend the video for kids, but for adults it should be listened to. Nor does it recommend it anyone to watch it visually, since there are many scenes which a Christian would cut out for lack of proper modesty. Turn it on and let it run, but only listen to the audio track, as the visual images are not necessary for the argument.

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4 thoughts on “How public opinion is manipulated through the Main Stream Media”

    1. The coup against Benedict is looking a lot like a Pedophile coup, and that might explain why clerics of entirely different liturgical and theological stands all are against Benedict and for Bergoglio.

  1. I had to hit play and then just listen to it, couldn’t watch it as you said. Powerful documentary, so what kind of country are we living in and citizens of, if our government brought over SS men and wiped their records clean, and they now continue to do their work even to this very day, this is not America that was founded after the War For Independence, what is this country?

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