COVID-19 has unmasked the Italian government as Anti-Italian & Anti-Catholic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is often said by Catholic intellectuals in Italy that the real truth about what happened in the 19th Century, was not il Risorgimento (the Re-rise) of Italy but the Detenzione (Imprisonment) of Italy: the imposition by foreign interests (France and the Great Britain) of a form of government which guarantees from hence forth the Italian cuture and the Catholic religion will both be attacked and destroyed and obstructed as much as possible, to make of Italy a new test ground for Freemasonry.

And COVID-19 has shown that that analysis is 100% accurate.

In a single day, all the civil and human rights guaranteed by the Italian Constitution were cancelled:  the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion, the right to work, etc.. I could go on.

The health decrees of the government went to far as to explicitly name the Catholic Mass  and all other Sacraments as forbidden.  It was outrageous.

The only thing more outrageous is that Bergoglio ordered the Bishops to comply without so much as a peep of protest.

Now everyone is literally under house arrest!  Everyone except the illegal alien, who can roam around as he pleases or enter the country at will.

And not just the illegal alien. Any foreigner I think.

I get the sense of this when I interact with the police during the quarentine. As soon as they hear my American accent they are more deferential with me. And that is plain wrong. Italy belongs to Italians!

Italy needs a new government. Not only in the Italian sense of the word, “government”, which in a parliamentary system refers to the ruling party or coalition controlling parliament — but in the Latin sense, of a new form of government. The modern liberal democracy has show that it is neither modern, nor liberal, nor democratic. It is totalitarian, autocratic and tyrannical.

And what is worse is that all the apparatus of the State does not even bat an eye-lash. When I encounter State Police or the Carabinieri, I ask them, if their consciences can support what they are doing to the people. And they respond, “We are not allowed to talk about that”!

Oh Joseph Stalin! You are probably turning over in your pit of despair and damnation with envy at Giuseppe Conte!

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7 thoughts on “COVID-19 has unmasked the Italian government as Anti-Italian & Anti-Catholic”

  1. We need the Papacy restored & Totalitarianism debunked. During this lockdown we all have had plenty of time to think (& worry) about Mankind in general. Those who have only been taught False Ecumenism & God desires all religions, are particularly vulnerable.

    Globalism has nothing to offer & the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, Rothschild etc. must be stopped. Money cannot be allowed to buy power any longer. Making stupendous profit from the sufferings of Man & keeping us locked up while they decide when to release a questionable vaccine (most probably incorporating 666 stamp of the Devil), must not be tolerated & those promoting such evil should be charged with crimes against humanity, along with their other criminal acts (Abortion, Euthanasia, LGBTQI etc.).

    I hope President Trump gets back into power with such a majority that he can ignore the Liberal Left & that Russia will be consecrated this year to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as should have been done decades ago. The Italians, with our support, should make a determined effort to have PBXVI released from his confinement & back in the PO without delay. It would be an added blessing if he would release the Third Secret in full, mandate TLM & give full faculties to all priestly traditional orders.

    1. Alas, Trumps Ambassador to the Vatican does not cease to praise Bergoglio night and day and is 100% behind the one world religion agreement he signed in Abu Dhabi.

      His ambassador to the Vatican is a protestant, and his Ambassador to Italy is a Jew.

      So you can see, as an Italian American, why I might doubt Trump gives a care about Italy or Catholics.

      1. Callista Gingrich is listed as a lifelong Catholic who brought Newt into the CC. I would still much prefer Trump/Pence to the likely Democrat ticket of Biden/Mrs. Obama running mate or possibly Cuomo with some other sinister VP. Ambassadors can always be changed but it’s harder to change your VP who has been elected to that office.

  2. Amen, Brother. Adolf Hitler is lamenting not having done it Conte’s way:

    1) Quicker (1 day)

    2) More efficient (not requiring so much man power, transportation, camps, infrastructure, ie. equipment and gas chambers, etc.).

    And that Conte’s way is so brilliant, it is making the people shout, chant and demand, the very Nazi slogan that was placed above the entrance of Auschwitz-Birkenau’s main entrance “Arbeit Macht Frei” (work sets you free).

    The Italians are saying: let us go back to work! let us go back to work! let us go back to “normality” and continue living under your terrible, corrupt, “normal” system, again! As if Conte really had the power to decide when and when not someone can work, and as if Conte’s “normal” system was any good.

    I’m afraid, it may be better for many to begin planning to live in a parallel system and parallel economy, away from Conte and the NWO, and this may have to be the case for pretty much all peoples, if they want to survive after the shut down. I pray and hope I am very wrong about this one too!

    1. Now instead of “Work make free”, the sign above the gate to italy reads, “Submit to Gate’s Vaccine Inc. to be tolerated as free”. The Govt. if you can believe it, is working on an App to track everyone by bluetooth, which will be the new rerquirement to return to work! No cell phone, no work. Its 1984 IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

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