Governments knew about Chloroquine cure but rejected it, to maximize deaths

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Above is a breaking video from Highwire News. You need to share this with everyone!

It is beginning to look like there was a criminal conspiracy to mass murder millions for the sake of creating a pretext to enrich Bill Gates’s worldwide mass Vaccine project.

I say, a criminal conspiracy to mass murder, because as this video shows, since 2005 the medical experts of the world knew that Chloroquine was an effective treatment for SARS viruses, but national governments ignored this and are still ignoring this to allow 10s of thousands to die.

I say, a conspiracy, because at the Event 201, organized by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security in November, their hypothetical pandemic was a SARS virus. Yet they staged a panic response scenario which did not include Chloroquine as a cure. That is malpractice and it shows prejudice against known medical evidence for the effectiveness of Chloroquine.

By staging this Event 201 they prepared the narrative for panic, to get everyone to think THERE WAS NO KNOWN CURE.

I sense there was an agreement between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all national leaders, the WHO etc., to ignore Chloroquine. Because without a cure, you have a crisis.

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11 thoughts on “Governments knew about Chloroquine cure but rejected it, to maximize deaths”

  1. This is the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories. Are you saying governments are letting folks die by withholding a medicine that will cure them in order to please the Gates Foundation?

    Exactly would motivate governments to do such a thing? And who would believe it?

    If letting folks die was intentional it was more likely a test of how easily the public could be controlled and for how long.

  2. Mr. Dowd, you need to understand that it is Satan the Antichrist and their minions pushing the global agenda. You continually apply human standards and motivations to what is a spiritual battle. Until you accept where humanity is in Salvation History: The Great Apostasy, The Great Tribulation and the imminent Reign of the Antichrist, you will remain in the dark.

    1. Catholicus, I do think we are in the end times, but since Russia has not been consecrated nor converted, and since Our Lady promised an era of peace after that, I have a doubt that we are in the end of the end times. We may be just seeing a dry run of the end times.

      1. Umm…we were give more than ample opportunity to meet the expectations of Our Lady and her request for the consecration/conversion of Russia. Neither happened and will not happen. The Era of Peace comes AFTER The Great Tribulation and the Reign of the Antichrist, NOT before. The Chastisement is upon us. We are very close to major cataclysms on Earth, by Mid-May major global earthquakes will occur and by Mid-Summer Earth will be bombarded by astroids, that process has already begun. The Antichrist will swoop in and “save the day” as prophesied. If I am wrong about these discernments I pledge to cut Michael Dowd’s lawn for the whole summer. 🙂

  3. Birx & Fauci have insisted from day 1, that they had really been looking at ALL the data to determine their decisions. So, they have no excuse! Even if they were using garbage Bll Gates models (which they were), then it should have been more reason for them to have started a Chloroquine study, the moment they had heard President Trump bring it to the forefront.

    In a sense, I am glad that Trump allowed Birx and Fauci to come this far with their nonsense, because now their plan is being exposed before the whole world. There is no denying it anymore. I smell more investigations and possibly indictments.

  4. With the rhetoric of the vaccine as the only way to come back to what they designed as “the new normality” (Billnormality), they have prepared people, in Spain most of the people, who, even against the evidence of lack of new contagions, are left in a permanent state of panic after the pandemic, waiting for being vaccinated willingly and without question.
    They will be vaccinated or inoculated, or genetically influenced, chipped, marked as cattle, controlled, without any problem; they will be wishful pawns of the new masters of the world.
    But we know that the Gates of hell won’t prevail.

  5. The self-imposed authorities are using the Covid nonsense to fast-track their high-tech world government. Look up “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, led by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Very creepy, sinister video of the WEF at Youtube, admits the plan to “change” human beings using nano-technology, and specifically they are working on accessing “thoughts and emotions”, obviously the worst possible privacy violation of all time, while promoting it in the same context as clean air, clean energy, clean water, curing the lame, etc., all very nice things. The vicious anti-human plan to destroy humanity by treating the human body as a mere “platform” to be linked into the 5G “Internet of Things” … with 5G interestingly launched at the same time as the Covid-19 SCAMdemic.

    Right near the start, says NITA: “The very idea of HUMAN being some sort of NATURAL concept is really gonna change.” A different female voice: “Our bodies will be so high-tech, we really won’t be able to distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial”.
    They did the COVID-19 pandemic to advance the vaccination program behind this plan to alter human beings, to merge humans with technology by injecting nanotechnology, and ultimately by technologically reading thoughts and emotions and controlling them. It’s the BORG. Schwab says: “One of the features of this Fourth Industrial Revolution” is that it doesn’t change what we are doing, but it changes us.” By 9 minutes 59 seconds, NITA is back with plans for reading and controlling thoughts and emotions: “One of the things that I think is so essential to FREE and OPEN societies is FREEDOM OF THOUGHT…. once we can ACCESS people’s THOUGHTS, access peoples’ EMOTIONS, we have to create a space that enables people to think FREELY…. ” She’s got it backwards. PRIVACY of one’s thoughts enables one to think FREELY. Mind-reading is not a feature of any “free and open society”. Anyway, put it together. The psychos behind this high-tech nightmare need to mass-vaccinate, on a repeated basis, to try to achieve their ends. What better way to forcibly mass vaccinate the world than a pandemic the prevention, treatment and cure for which are demonized, while terrorizing us all with masks and social distancing so we’ll be non-stop aware, and desperate to accept their high-tech vaccinations. Time to get your local representative to table draft bills in your local and national legislatures to criminalize the using of human beings as a “platform” in the “Internet of things” and criminalize “cyborg” linking of human beings through any means to generalized systems. Put a stop to these lunatics locally, pass the laws. Criminal offence, life imprisonment first offence, confiscation of research facilities and bank accounts related to the attempt. Stop the insanity now, at the grass-roots. The people have to do this. Wake up your local legislators.

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