6 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Please pray for me on the Anniversary of my election”

  1. PB XVI, a devotee of the Feast of Divine Mercy asked us to keep April 19 in mind. April 19, 2020, his 15th Anniversary, is only the 2nd time the Feast falls on his Anniversary. Will this bring the world the recognition he deserves as the true Vicar of Christ?

  2. praymorenovenas.com have a Novena to Pope Benedict XVI which I have just begun. A bit late for his birthday but nevertheless I hope it will give him the spiritual strength to step out from the shadows, reclaim the PO & scupper this demonic Apostasy once & for all. It is in his power to do so – no-one else can. For the love of Christ I earnestly pray by the power of the Holy Ghose he’ll do the right thing & save the Papacy.

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