A Manifesto for the free peoples of the Earth

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3 thoughts on “A Manifesto for the free peoples of the Earth”

  1. Thank you, Brother, for calling a spade a spade. 99% of clergy have caved into the corona control, we’ve lost them to the NWO.

  2. Excellent Brother Alexis. You and I and a few others agree with you,. But most folks will go along with government edicts as they are sheep wanting their shepherds to direct them. This is especially the case since our modern education system has bred critical thinking out of them.

    The same is true in the Catholic Church. Vatican II has bred orthodox Catholic doctrine and morality out of most Catholics. As a result they have effectively become Protestants, i.e, subjective-ism.

    I see what is happening now, the ease which governments can control people along with the collusion of the Church, as a prelude to the coming of Anti-Christ.

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