Dana Ashlie: The Rockefeller Plan of 2010 for World Domination

Security without liberty is called “Prison.”


Shortly after posting the above video, YouTube took it down for “violation of their community standards”. No better way to announce whom YouTube serves than that. As soon as FromRome.Info is informed, we will try to post this video content again.

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8 thoughts on “Dana Ashlie: The Rockefeller Plan of 2010 for World Domination”

  1. Very good. My conclusion: The fake Covid-19 experience indicates that it will take a Bubonic plague level disease to implement Rockefeller 2010.

    Trump will surely reveal the truth that the so-called world health experts didn’t know what they were talking about during his re-election campaign and the economic destruction that ensued was mostly unnecessary and hyped by the Democrats for their own advantage.

  2. Has the video been taken down for violating terms of service? That is the message I got at 9:17 am eastern time today. Has anyone downloaded it or placed it elsewhere for us to view?

    1. I believe you can still access all of her videos at her personal website, at least until the New World Order types manage to de-platform it. I have been using screen recording on either my laptop or my smartphone to preserve her videos for future reference.

  3. Guys, youtube is fast deleting your videos. I suggest you keep them safe somewhere…I use my mobile to film videos shown on my tablet – that how I get put them away of any censorship!

    God bless you and thank you for your fantastic good works!!

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