Diabolical Narcissism: the psychology of Bill Gates & Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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4 thoughts on “Diabolical Narcissism: the psychology of Bill Gates & Jorge Mario Bergoglio”

  1. I watched Ann’s entire, very timely and well done presentation. Most informative and true. But also most disturbing when it elicits thoughts of those we know, particularly those in our own family and even some characteristics we have ourselves. It is what happens to those who don’t recognize and don’t care about sin in themselves but instead justify it and embrace it.

    The video challenges us to become seriously aware that diabolical narcissism is the primary driver of the evil in our world which has become all pervasive and nearly hopelessly corrupting, particularly in the Catholic Church since Vatican II.

    If I were to identify a signal moment when, collectively, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church made a pack with the devil it was the moment John XXIII decided not to release the 3rd Secret of Fatima and implement Our Lady’s wishes. Now the situation in the Church and the world has deteriorated to such an extent that only a Great Chastisement from God has the hope bringing the Church and the world back to following His Commandments.

    Ann has done a great service for humanity. Let us pray for her, ourselves, the Catholic Church and the world. Lord have mercy.

  2. I also watched the complete video, although english is my second language, I am Argentine.

    Thank you very much Brother for this video and specially Ann, what a job she has done !

    In 2013 , two months after the Bergoglio “election” , I remembered a very short book about alpha psychopaths, which I read at the end of 2012, and read it again …and recognize him immediately, since then thanks God, and shared the little book with friends, it was very valuable for them.

    I completely agree with Michael , and may be I lost something , because Bergoglio is often mentioned , but not Gates.

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