Jon Rappoport: Bloodless Coup, Fake epidemic

Jon Rappoport is one of the leading experts among all world journalists who has spent his entire career studying medical malpractice regarding fake pandemics. What he says in the video needs to be shared with everyone on every social media platform and via email.

He explains how DNA/RNA vaccines will be used to permanently change your genetic code to make you compliant to the  New World Order, if not even sterilized.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

5 thoughts on “Jon Rappoport: Bloodless Coup, Fake epidemic”

  1. Outstanding presentation by Jon Rappoport. The entire Corvid-19 fiasco was an experiment in social engineering. It works for awhile. China used first it to suppress dissent over the thousands of deaths in Wuhan due to air pollution.

  2. It is outrageous that during the fifteen day shut down in The United States, that particular State Governments did not use that time to secure and protect those in nursing homes and the most vulnerable, as the Federal Government made it clear that the elderly, obese, and those with compromised immune systems were the most likely to succumb to what is for the most vulnerable, a very serious disease. They should have been the first to receive adequate masks, hand sanitizers, etc.

  3. Dear Brother Alexis,

    This evening a got a call from someone in California whom I respect a great deal. She wanted to know what I knew about Jon Rappoport and did I agree with what he says in this video? Basically, I told her yes. But is this man someone who is solid with the truth. Just wondering if there is a reason to be cautious about sending out his videos.

    Please pray. Yesterday I sent President Trump a letter to tell him what adjustment are being made within the field of palliative medicine now that they are treating a surge of patients with COVID-19 . (I am pretty sure he does not understand why palliative medicine is so evil.) As you know palliative medicine professionals are not too concerned about keeping these COVID-19 patients alive.

    In normal circumstances, when they see patients in a hospital they are working up to having that family “conversation” about setting “goals of care.” However, in late March at Mount Sinai which is next to the headquarters for the Center to Advance Palliative Care they found that their model broke down when everyone around was frantically trying to keep the patient alive and everyone was assuming the patient wants to stay alive.

    Thanks to your friend Eric in San Diego (or maybe I should say Brian’s friend) I was able to work from a transcript of the CAPC webinar held for their members on March 31 from center of the surge. They found that because exceedingly sick people are coming in at exceedingly short intervals there was no time to work according to the palliative model. Drs. Meier and Morrisey reported they had to change their plan. The regular (non-palliative) front line clinicians in the ER and ICU were not familiar with having advance care planning discussions. For them, it was full speed ahead to help the patient get better. These leaders of the palliative care movement decided to put their own palliative trained experts right there n the ER and ICU — one in each location — and then instruct the ordinary frontline people they should check the patients medial records to get a family member’s phone number and tie them into the palliative hotline where about 4 well trained palliative care experts would be available 24/7. Is that not dandy! thought if Trump heard this he would begin to see the true nature of palliative care.

    It would be a miracle if I could reach him for a quick briefing on palliative care! Your prayers will be appreciated.

    Again, do you think I am safe sending out Jon Rappoport thoughts? I believe what he is saying but he is personally someone who could turn people off. Don’t know anything about him.

    By the way, I have become a big fan of yours. Take care of yourself!

    Prayers to the Holy Ghost, Betty

    1. Mr. Rappoport is a journalist. His style might seem unprofessional, but in old age even professionals might seem unprofessional. I believe what he is saying because it confirms so many published reports.

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