3 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Lynch: It is time we speak up”

  1. We were told that the 15 Day Period was suppose to give us a chance to quarantine ourselves in order to protect the most vulnerable while getting the elderly and those with compromised immunity to a safe haven. But it was only last week that Andrew Cuomo even mentioned Nursing Homes. They have been hit hard. We need to investigate these homes to determine which Governors and local government agencies made sure there were enough masks and sanitizers for the patients, and made an effort to protect them. How many of those who died in hospitals came from Nursing Homes or died in Nursing Homes that were complacent?

  2. Very sound & logical response to Bill Gates & his rush to add even more coffers to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He must get the message that he has not been elected to any office by the US public & therefore represents no-one’s opinion & also that there is much more he can do with his money than thrust it down the throats of dissenters in the form of an unwanted vaccine which could, indeed, kill them – or maybe that’s what he really wants, as conspiracy theorists would have you believe. Only time & the resolute common sense of the public will tell.

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