Frank Walker: Do not underestimate them

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3 thoughts on “Frank Walker: Do not underestimate them”

  1. We can always depend on Frank Walker to give us the unvarnished truth of what’s happening in the Catholic Church especially about “Pope” Francis. He, along with Br. Alexis, Ann Barnhardt and a few others, are the go-to guys for Catholic news in today’s world.

  2. I fear the Mass will not be the same when they allow it to resume. Francis, the False Prophet, through his actions and his words, has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and severed the Apostolic Line. Furthermore, I anticipate he will make changes to the Liturgy of the Eucharist that will make it impossible for the Holy Spirt to be present at the Consecration. The Abomination of Desolation that has begun will only get worse. This has been predicted in Roman Catholic prophecy. We need to pray for the formation of the true underground Roman Catholic Church where holy clerics will return to the traditional Mass.

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