It’s a trick to say you have to wait for Corona Control to be declared over

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Alas, a lot of public figures and talking heads do not know anything about psyops or narrative control.

I say this, because they are asking, demanding and petitioning for their governments to end the regulations which have shut down their nations, churches, work places, etc., and which require them to practice social distancing or stay at home.

As I explained in my recent video (see below), that is simply NOT true.

An unjust, unfounded decree from any government to shut down a nation or to lock up everyone in their homes is illegitimate in itself. That means it does not exist in law or right. And that means you do not have to beg for it to be removed!  Begging implies that you accept that it is just.

Those who are encouraging you to do this, are still under the pysop. Those who are doing this, have not thought through what they are doing. Your slave masters are laughing at you from their offices! Your protests declare that you accept the legitimacy of their tyranny!

I am not a positivist, who thinks the only laws which exist are those which men have made. But your leaders are. And so, why not ask them in what law were they given the authority to IMPRISON THE ENTIRE NATION and treat everyone like a criminal?

If there is no law, that means they have neither the authority nor the right to do what they are doing, lawfully. As the noted lawyer, Tom Fitton explained, indiscriminate use of police power is always illegitimate and is unlawful in any free society.

Their claim to have this authority, however, also means THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS, and that THEY ALONE NEED TO BE LOCKED UP.

It also means they have lost their offices by treachery to the nation.

So do not wait for them to declare you are free. Before the law all are presumed free.

It is rather you who have the right to put them in jail as criminally insane psychotic psychopaths. And the longer you tolerate it, the longer resistance to them will be seen as unjust.

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5 thoughts on “It’s a trick to say you have to wait for Corona Control to be declared over”

  1. Thanks Brother. Hopefully the next time we will see more rebellion against this outrageous and illegal usurpation of illegal power by the State. You are most courageous for presenting this video.

    Ideally, the Pope and the Bishops would be saying the same words but they, unfortunately, have become tools of the State and opposed to the good of mankind and the wishes of God.

  2. “have become tools of the State and opposed to the good” As such they have become tools not of the State, which has a divine mandate, but of “the BEAST.”

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