EXPLOSIVE! — A History of pedophilia in SSPX throughout the world

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Church Militant has published today an exposé of pedophilia in the Society of Saint Pius X. FromRome.Info is publishing a notice about this report, because regardless of the good work of many of its members, the report shows how the Society has acted in a manner no different that other Lavender Mafia infiltrated organizations.

Church Militant reports there is a state wide probe in Kansas, USA, for pedophilia, involving as many as eight priests of the SSPX.

Strangely, the pedophilia and the fascination with Adolf Hitler has association in this case, in a manner similar to the St. Gallen Mafia and the Rampolla Faction in the Church.

This report sheds light on why the SSPX might be so strong in affirming that Bergoglio is the pope. It names some of the most prominent members and participating in the cover-up.

The transcript of their Video report, begins thus:

February 18, 2000. A single shot rings out, shattering the nighttime silence of Topeka, Kansas.

A young man lies dead. Next to his body, a suicide note — the last known thought of 26-year-old Michael Gonzalez — before he pulled the trigger.

In the note: the reason for ending his life, tracing back more than 10 years.

Jassy Jacas: “It’s a bigger betrayal that the SSPX has chosen to handle these cases like this.”

It turns out Michael’s life and story is just one among many stories of vulnerable kids , preyed upon — and covered up — by an organization bent on hiding the truth.

Theresa Gonzalez: “He told me in little increments that it wasn’t just one time that it happened, that there were other occasions that it happened.”

All hidden by a controversial society of Catholic priests, proving itself no different from scores of other dioceses it looks down on — all while draping itself in the pomp of traditional Catholicism, covering over a network of lies, spanning continents — and now the focus of a nearly year-long criminal investigation, details that have been shared with Church Militant for months.

Fr. Ramon Angles

Father Ramon Angles, an influential priest in the SSPX — a breakaway Catholic sect with its own hierarchy and society of clergy throughout the world, adherents to the Traditional Latin Mass and largely rejecting the Church’s Second Vatican Council.

For the rest of the report go to Church Militant:



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26 thoughts on “EXPLOSIVE! — A History of pedophilia in SSPX throughout the world”

  1. During yesterday’s Frank Walker update he mentioned how SSPX priests and bishops were being transferred from one location to another in somewhat of a fury….

    1. This report will be particularly shocking to Frank since he says that he has been attending their chapel. What this report says about Fellay always defering to the District Superior in the USA, I can confirm to be his standard modus operandi from many sources for a long time.

      1. These sexual perverts have infiltrated nearly every corner of Holy Mother Church. How on earth can the faithful know from one cleric to another?! This whole sordid, mortally sinful plague upon the Church is intolerable. WHEN will the truly righteous and holy clerics and prelates TAKE ACTION? I would bet money that even the FSSP is contaminated with active sodomites. We have no access to any of the Sacraments, Holy Mass, confession, and- most importantly- access to Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion. These evil ordained and consecrated men will have much to answer for at the moment of their deaths. All my family and I have right now is the Rosary! And that is the ONLY prayer that is keeping us afloat.

  2. Devastating revelations, but what is worse: feeling betrayed by our supposedly faithful priests and prelates, or having Niles deride you in an almost ‘I told you so’manner? Church Militant is beneath contempt.

    1. I think you have to take the good and leave the bad. However, the facts presented should make Catholics who are devoted to the good priests in the SSPX reflect seriously on perhaps how an exaggerated human adulation has allowed this environment of abuse to flourish. From what I have heard, Niles has only touched the surface. I expect dozens of more priests to be named as the investigation spreads round the world.

      1. Agree…you have to take the good and leave the bad.

        As well, you’re correct about the human adulation.

        As Frank concludes his updates, “God save the Church” and we know He will.

        Years ago a priest from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and a good friend was considering leaving the Archdiocese to remove to a more traditional environment…he visited a number of potential landing places including Saint John Cansius in Chicago and the SSPX.

        He knew I had a history with the SSPX having visited Econe in the mid 1970’s as a regular Mass attendee and as a contributor going back to the late 1970’s. He also knew that I believed I had a vocation and was considering the SSPX…as a late vocation.

        Returning from the SSPX’s Saint Mary’s location he told me the environment reminded him of the movie the Stepford Wives….and pleaded with me to not consider the SSPX.

        In many respects his judgement was correct…and I believe these revelations bear witness to his assessment.

        Father was pilloried by the Archdiocese, transferred around quite a bit and ultimately he left the Archdiocese for a midwestern seminary where he his role is that of a spiritual advisor.

      2. I am now waiting for Michael Matt, Chris Ferrara, and Louie Verrachio to respond.

  3. In spite of how terrible a reputation the SSPX has earned since inception, this revelation is like the lightning bolt that struck on St. Peter’s Dome for many Roman Catholics, when Benedict XVI announced his “renunciation”, because many well intended SSPX faithful, never imagined that the SSPX was plagued by pedophiles as well.

    1. The associations of their founder with one of the pedos named in this report raises questions similar to that of Maciel and the Legionnaires, as to what was the real motivation for founding the society.

  4. I got permanently banned from CM for posting a critical comment about their hot job on SSPX Priests.

    They can dish it, but they can’t take it. No attempt to get the defense’s opinion. Just a bunch of bile from the prosecution. And when anyone dares post an opinion critical of their conclusion: banned (I see that a lot in the Catholic world).

    In my Catholic conversion, I have gone from the most liberal Parish in America to a more conservative Parish to FSSP to SSPX. There is literally nowhere else to go. Heresy, heterodoxy, apostasy, scandal, pedophilia, sodomy, idolatry: It appears the whole thing is rotten. I can’t even trust the SSPX.

    You know what I think? Fake news. I think the Catholic Powers That Be know the Vatican II Church is crumbling around their miserable ears and this is their opening response.

    Fake. I don’t believe the CM sex scandal charge. Individual? Sure. Systemic? No.

    1. Those of us without first hand experience will certainly form different opinions. I incline to the opinion, that many more pedophiles will be revealed, because I have sources in the UK, France and Spain who have told me that they have had this problem for decades. None of this means that your priest in your chapel is a pedophile, nor that the TLM and traditional faith is doubtful. We should all want criminals in our home town removed, removing them also, we should recognize is the greatest act of love and justice for our home town and all who love it. I think we should approach the matter in the same way. Do not identify the criminals with everyone in the institution. But unlike the church, an institution such as the SSPX might not have a divine foundation.

      1. Still, with the SSPX leadership like this, even 3 of the bishops ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre (I don’t even question +Fellay’s involvement, as he’s been very secretive about many things. I know a lot of people think +Williamson was very good but according to reports he attacked Fr. Morello for trying to warn about Fr. Urrutigoity in an attempt to stop his ordination and ultimately responsible for having Fr. Morello kicked out of the SSPX; as for +Gallareta, he did the same things in covering for Fr. Urrutigoity before his ordination), it seems that the SSPX as an organization is severely compromised, notwithstanding some very good priests.

  5. This is devastating. As an SSPX faithful, I know that most of the priests are good, holy men but the hierarchy and organizational structure has been suspect, in my opinion. The U.S. District in particular has shown itself to be in direct contrast to the vision of Archbishop Lefebvre. I’ve been feeling abandoned and disappointed with their response to Francis’ heresies and the fake pandemic. This is a death blow. Many who have grown up in the Society will turn a blind eye – again. Elevating man above God is never a good thing. Heaven help us.

  6. May I posit another possibility? As the Church was deliberately attacked by communists – Bella Dodd – is it possible that the same method has been employed on the SSPX from the anti Church? After all the effect on destroying the human members of the Church has been remarkable. Was there evil intent and subterfuge in destroying one of the most successful bulwarks against Modernism in the Church? Is God allowing this suffering on the SSPX for a greater good? Like many on here I am horrified at these accusations. Is this an act of anti Pope on the one thorn in the side of anti church? For opening the churches. I have always questioned Fellay’s drift towards the conciliar church. Was he lured in by the scorpion for the sting of death? Just asking.

    1. Paul, you may be correct, but I think the explanation is simply that some dishonest men seek to pretend to be honest, and other honest men by neglect allow the devils to seduce them into sin or into tolerate sin. All of us have the means to resist and to return to fidelity, let us repent and confess our sins and do what is right at all times, for love of God.

  7. The SSPX has never denied that they had deviant priests. Why didn’t Michael Voris give a list of the good holy priests of the SSPX? Voris has rejected the SSPX with a fury. What makes Voris hate the SSPX so much? That I would like to know.

    1. Your point is good. But I did not see in their report that they hate the good priests for being good. However, it is sad that neither the Remnant nor Catholic Family News nor the Angelus Magazine were the first to report about these things, because no one should be silent about such injustice.

  8. “Accept the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman’s watch is in vain” Psa. 126[127]:1

    “Having a form of godliness but denying its power [to keep the moral law of God]. Have nothing to do with such people. [They are to be denounced and excommunicated from the Church! 1 Cor. 5] They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women [and now it’s men and innocent children!], who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires,” 2 Timothy 3:5-6

    1. I agree, its not only diversionary it avoids the principle charges. It also does not ask forgiveness of the victims, the parents and all who have entrusted their souls to them.

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