Brannon Howse: Bill Gates & Rockefeller Foundation and the Agenda 2030

The New World Order is Nazism “modernized”, the coming religious Reich.

A summary of the contents of this documentary:

  • The loose confederation of globalists, socialists and marxists share a common goal of eradicating the Biblical view of man and creation, and making thinkable what was formerly considered unthinkable.
  • The Club of Rome’s 2019 Global Emergency Plan called for making 2002 the Great Year for reorganizing the Economies and Societies of the entire planet
  • Bergoglio collaborating with Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, a German population eugenicist who works to implement the dreams of Adolf Hitler purity of races for all populations on earth: Planetary court, Earth Constitution, Global Religious Reich.
  • Social engineering means all, except the elites, must give up everything.
  • Bergoglio working with Schellnhuber for a Global Population Control program.
  • The real meaning of solving the Climate Crisis is a global socialized one world government, to make sure the global elites rule, control and enjoy everything, while the masses are reduced to slave cattle-like labor.
  • MIT & Associates are developing an implantable device for sterilizing humans for 16 years and controlled by remote wireless technology, which can be switched on and off.
  • Implantable chips to support legal and illegal immigrants with social welfare, and to replace paper money and credit cards.
  • The Good Club, founded by Gates, Buffet and Rockefeller, to solve overpopulation through health care.
  • John Hopkins University Medical Organization founded by Rockefellers to promote Eugenics hosted the Event 201 to show how a pandemic can be used to achieve mandatory health-based control of world populations.
  • Fabian Society, Marxists and Globalists are united in a coalition for the same goal: Nationalized Socialism.
  • International Monetary Fund founded by John Maynard Keynes, Fabian Socialist, and inveterate pedophile.
  • Mandatory population control will benefit the Abortion and Vaccination industries, which will be the means for its implementation.
  • Imperial College, funded by Gates Foundation, works with the Fabian Society.
  • The UK Labour Party was founded by the Fabian Society to achieve their goals.
  • Rockefeller Institute has a long history advocating the planned death of the undesirable and the health care for those who are considered more worthy.
  • Rockefeller Foundation trained SS Doctors in the Third Reich to promote eugenics.
  • Father of the Eugenics Movement was Francis Galton, the cousing of Charles Darwin.
  • Head of WHO studied at same London school funded by Gates Foundation.
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One thought on “Brannon Howse: Bill Gates & Rockefeller Foundation and the Agenda 2030”

  1. Good stuff Br. Alexis. Fits in with all we know. Of course Brannon is considered another conspiracy theorist. But from my point of view he has identified a real conspiracy which has been with us in one way or another probably since the time of the Roman Empire. And what happened to Christians in Rome would probably happen again if the Globalists get their way.

    If we know anything from the Bible and human history is that elites want to rule and the average person just wants to live a secure life. These groups were made for each other. Now it is all happening again in a most visible way. Do most people care? Not really.

    Thus given what Our Lady and others have said I think the stage is being set for the anti-Christ who we be welcomed with open arms.

    But in the end God wins as we know.

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