Brannon Howse: Globalists admit Covid-19 is their instrument to achieve Global government

A summary of principal points in this documentary:

  • World Economic Forum displays their entire plan for world domination on their website, which is filled with documents explaining how they are doing it.
  • The Tavistock Institute which studied mind control in prisoners of war by means of implanting new beliefs after deliberate induced fear.
  • The best friend of the founder of WHO is the founder of the Tavistock Institute
  • Tavistock Institute pledge itself to achieve goals of world health control.
  • Pandemic is a cover for martial law controls to achieve one world government.
  • Pandemic Hype has been used to recondition many to become willing tools of promoting one world government and control of their neighbors.
  • Pandemic is generally a psyop.
  • Expect coming war with Russia and China as another trick to convince masses to give up the rest of their rights and buckle down in unquestioning obedience to world government, which will be proposed as the ONLY solution to world peace and security.
  • Role of Marxist-Jesuits to bring down the Catholic Church and turn it into a tool of globalism.
  • Rockefeller Foundation has funded Tavistock Institute programs.
  • George Brock Chisholm the founder of WHO said the cause of all perversion is morality, and the goal of Psychotherapy is the elimination of the concept of good and wrong.
  • Career channeling is their tool to manipulate the careers of those individuals who agree and disagree with their agenda.
  • Electronic controls at borders and checkpoint will ultimately be used to identify and detain those who have intentions to oppose globalism.
  • Opposition to globalism will be classified as a mental illness.
  • AmeriCorps will be instrument to weaponize youth for globalism and promote them as leaders of the new society.
  • Public education will be used to mold and track the values of students for the rest of their lives.
  • Shows that the World Economic Forum has the goal of controlling world religions (Catholic Church) and instrumentalizing them for their goals.
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9 thoughts on “Brannon Howse: Globalists admit Covid-19 is their instrument to achieve Global government”

  1. Thanks for posting Br. Alexis. All so true and unfortunately, at least for now, so few are accepting the truth of Covid-19 and the globalist powers using it to establish their control.

    When I mention this kind of thing to my kids they regard it as a conspiracy. So many folks have been brainwashed to believe much of what the government tells us.

    Hopefully more people will become wiser as they are now poorer for going along with the government.

  2. Total government control derives from overwhelming social fear. Global control derives from global fear.

    They tried it with Global Warming ©️. Too esoteric for most people.

    Global pandemic. Waves and waves of never ending pandemics. That’s personal, real, relatable, controllable.

    Control that derives from fear of pandemic is personal at the level of body and soul.

    BUT … there is more of us than there are of them. We must be persuaded to resist and be.not.afraid. Withdraw our consent. Rise up, and be men and women of good faith and courage. Their control melts like ice on a warm day, once our fear is gone.

    Mass fear and mania is the key for them. Laughter and derision, the best medicine.

  3. Guys, a big correction. I’ve been reading books for 12 years now regarding all aspects of the synagogue of satan conspiracy…the Church has long been infiltrated…Adam Wrishaupt [another puppet in the Rothschild payroll] ordered the infiltration of the Jesuits because they were being successful with the counter-reformation…but with time, all catholic orders were infiltrated…Jewish communism started doing the same in the 1930s [Bella Dodd + AA-1025]. Please replace the term ‘Jesuit’ with ‘jew’!! There is no ‘Jesuit conspiracy’ but a Jewish conspiracy. You guys should know this!! Bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemasons…the Church is filled with infiltrated wolves – it were them who caused all the scandals!!

  4. Brothers and sisters, this is a spiritual battle. Pray. Fast. Do Penance. Trust in Jesus. The Holy Spirit will assist us, and give us the right words at the right time. Many of us will have to resist unto blood, but will receive the White Robe of Martyrdom. In the end, Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Ave Maria.

  5. Surely, while churches are closed, the devil is fastracking everything to implement his evil plans.
    Anyway, Our God has His own timeline… like in the movies, at the end of the story, God with His holy Mother, Mary will win all the wars.

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