Frank Walker: Voris & the SSPX

Frank Walker gives his reaction to the Church Militant report.

FromRome.Info posts this for the sake of promoting a critical reflection on the revelations, not because FromRome.Info endorses his comments.

Reaction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Faithfulness to Jesus Christ as a Catholic is not fulfilled merely by external observances nor even by internal observances. For that reason, perfection in adhesion to the Faith dogmatically or intellectually or verbally does not excuse us from the requirement to keep the moral law and the 10 commandments. Likewise, perfection in the observance of the rubics has merit only when we are also perfect in our observance of the 10 Commandments, Church Law and the dogmatic Faith of the Church.

The truth is that the SSPX has no munus in the  Church, which Christ instituted for our salvation and which it is His will that we subject ourselves to. Also, the SSPX are in communion with Bergoglio who has no munus to govern the Church. So here at FromRome.Info it does not surprise that the SSPX is not acting out of a desire to be perfectly conformed to Christ’s will for the Church. Christ, we must recall, has never inspired men to found a private club of priests, rather, He has inspired Bishops to ordain Bishops for dioceses and save the whole Church from heresy and deviation.

Let us be humble and all serve the Lord Jesus with humility and penitence, and let us not condemn the honest men who have had the misfortune of having peers who were creeps.

These revelations, it is hoped, will lead all Catholics to desire more a true restoration of the Church as a whole and in every diocese and wake us up to the reality that the Church cannot  be reduced to islands of private chapels.

Let the evidence come forth and let justice be done. But lets us not take scandal and allow it to incite us to deviate from our faith and loyalty and hope in Jesus Christ.

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2 thoughts on “Frank Walker: Voris & the SSPX”

  1. ‘islands of private chapels” If these chapels were not available how would millions who attend SSPX chapels keep the faith and be nourished with the Sacraments?

    1. Angelo, what you say is true, but I will turn the argument on you: if these Catholics denounced heretics and ordained Catholic Bishops for dioceses led by heretics, then we all would have many churches and many clergy for the faith and the sacraments. That is what Saint Athanasius did, and it is not schism, its Catholicism.

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