Bergoglio plans to abolish the TLM once Benedict is dead (en Español)

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6 thoughts on “Bergoglio plans to abolish the TLM once Benedict is dead (en Español)”

  1. I suppose that if Francis abolishes the TLM all priests who still acknowledge him as a valid Pope will be bound to accept this. I doubt he would attempt to suppress the TLM, at least not for now, because it is very successful .I do think Francis wants to control the TLM which would be a good thing for a good and valid pope to do, as we see from the example of Pope Benedict XVI who caused 300 of the 900 existing priests of SSPX and the Trans-Alpine Redemptorists to leave the SSPX, be canonically regularized, and offer TLM Masses alone or wherever there was a desire for them.

  2. I agree. Trad Inc. is already compromised to the false pope, so they would have no other choice but to do whatever Bergoglio’s decisions are. The SSPX is a zoo of pedophiles, so they would never dare question Bergoglio’s changes. If God wills that I live a few more years, I believe I will see the defeat of all movements that did not recognize Benedict XVI as True Pope, in my lifetime.

  3. This Judas Iscariot posing as the pope is really destroying everything holy he touches. The Remnant of true Catholics is going to get a whole lot smaller. Will the true Catholic Church please stand up? My heart and soul feels so low. The Easter season? Right. More like Lent with the Sorrowful Mysteries.

    For the record, I reject Vatican Council II, the Novus Ordo, and everything that came out the bad Council.

    Push me too far, and I might end up in a sedevacantist chapel.

    1. You’re absolutely correct about that! I made the move about three years ago and will NEVER return to the Church that PRETENDS to be “Catholic”. I was around before Vatican II and always thought that something was terribly wrong as soon as the Novus Ordo was IMPOSED on us in 1970. I suffered spiritually under this false religion for five decades, assuming that it was the Catholic Church, but my hunch throughout all those years was correct. I brushed the dirt off my feet, burned all the Vatican II books and literature and came back to the true Catholic Church. You, my friend, are on the right path! See you in chapel!

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