Don Minutella: Daily Conference — LIVE! (Italian)

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Some comments, I would add to this video for clarity:

Regarding to interior locutions which are prophetic in nature, while their truth is known by their fulfillment, if they regard things which individuals can achieve by their own free actions, they are not proven true by their fulfillment, because the one fulfilling them might do so by merely human means. This is how the Devil can give false prophecies in false locutions to deceive others to enter into obedience to himself.

As regards whether COVID-19 is a punishment from God, one must make distinctions. Inasmuch as it is designed by men, it is not from God. Inasmuch as God has permitted the evil intentions of many men to bring about the spread of disease which is man-altered or naturally occurring is a punishment from God, but not from Him formally, from Him rather as one permitting it, just like the Second World War, according to Our Lady of Fatima, was a punishment from God, but not caused by God.

But inasmuch as the pandemic is a stunt, a hoax, since, COVID-19 being designed with parts of viruses for which many already have immunity, it was never an existential threat to any nation, and in that regard, the hoax is not a punishment of God, it is a crime of men.



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