Dr. Dan Erickson: COVID-19 Conference


Experts in Mircobiology say the facts show that the Pandemic is a Hoax, inasmuch as the response to it is not following scientific methods, but rather has exaggerated by many orders of magnitude. Affirms that doctors all around the USA have the same opinion.

Youtube took this video down at the end of April, but the first part can be seen still here:


Lockdowns are not necessary, COVID-19 is simply another flu in its lethality.

Lockdown is increasing child abuse, suicide, spousal abuse, alcoholism.

Lockdown will cause decrease immune system preparedness for whole population.

Part II


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4 thoughts on “Dr. Dan Erickson: COVID-19 Conference”

  1. This is all very important information, and we have learned much about the immune response when facing the threat of disease. I am sure there will be many medical discovers as the result of studying this particular Coronavirus. This information will result in a false sense of security, however, if we do not desire to answer the question as to whether or not this virus was manipulated in order to target the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If we do not find out whether this virus was manipulated in a lab and if we determine that it was, hold the persons involved criminally responsible, our sense of security will be for naught.

  2. They want the violence. This is all a communist Bolshevik plan. Carefully worked with all of the Freemason minions in positions of power worldwide and especially in every State to obey the orders. They control people by bribery, blackmail and threats. Remember Jeffery Epstein? Just one of their many doing the same thing. Sex is used as a tool for control and then food as a weapon for starvation of their hated enemies, Christians being the first to get subjected to their starvation. Just read history. Read what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to Russia. China, Laos, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba. How many millions died deliberately from their starvation tactics?

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