Church Militant interviews Jassy Jacas, on sex abuse in the SSPX

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8 thoughts on “Church Militant interviews Jassy Jacas, on sex abuse in the SSPX”

  1. From what I gather, Frank Walker thinks the attack on SSPX is bogus and probably orchestrated by the Vatican and Opus Dei. I agree with Frank.

    1. From what I’ve heard, Frank Walker’s assertion, with respect to him, is wrong. I see no reason why these revelations are false.

      1. I agree Paul. The young woman has had a traumatized youth, you cannot dismiss her claims with all the evidence there is, on the basis of how she rolls her eyes. These mannerisms are not the same in all persons. Skojec does it all the time, and who says he is an inveterate liar? No one. We address the claims on merits, not on gestures.

    2. Good point, now let it play out putting all feelings aside.
      In fairness to all concerned, sexual predators need to be held accountable by the law not by church authorities.
      A few weeks ago we had to take a Be Safe course to teach catechism and to act as security in the NO church here in TX. The film showed some serious examples of what to look out for.
      The Bishop wants any suspicions reported to him. Uh, I don’t think so. It’s up to the PD to determine these criminal matters. Having knowledge of a crime makes you guilty of not reporting it.

      1. @Sam–Clerical sexual predators need to be held accountable by the law, and by church authorities. If church authorities refuse to hold them fully accountable, like your swishy sounding bishop, then they need to be held accountable, and that on both scores too.

    3. My Dear Dowd,

      Wishful thinking.

      Even if enemies colluded against the SSPX, let’s just say for the sake of argument, it does not follow that the alleged crimes are false.

      Even if Voris hated the SSPX, or had a bad hair day, or had a past worse than St Augustine 20!years ago or more–as the more strident SSPX apologists love to harp on–it does not follow that the alleged crimes are false.

  2. Aside from the truth of the allegations and the integrity of the media people involved, there is a strange parallel between the dominance of “conservative” Catholic media by Opus Dei and the dominance of secular media by the CIA. Why would the Church be off limits to CIA manipulation? How many Opus Dei media puppetmasters are CIA assets? Are CIA agents fully cognizant of the agenda of their controller? The CIA is known to compile “control files” on key people to keep them swimming in the prescribed swim lane, under threat of blackmail. A healthy examination of Trad Inc has emerged online. We should not be distracted from a needed scrutiny of their coercive tactics.

  3. Looks like Frank Walker is refusing to see that the SSPX is actually admitting to some of these abuse cases while pretending that they didn’t know earlier. It smells more like appeasement mode than total-truth mode in the SSPX leadership right now. I really feel sorry for Frank Walker, needing to defend the SSPX leadership while essentially calling the accusers liars.

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