3 thoughts on “Frank Walker: The ‘Bergoglio is definitely the Pope’ crowd eats itself”

  1. One of Frank’s very best! The Trad Fraudcis pope crowd eats itself to the great joy of Fraudcis because he no longer needs them to promote himself as pope or promote his agenda of destroying the Church, which by these Trad’s insistence that Fraudcis is the pope or even their ambivalence over it has made a liar of the Son of God Who promised His Church a Peter with the Keys to the Kingdom whose declarations would always be recognized and adhered to in Heaven!
    Promoting a literal destroyer of the faith as pope while relentlessly exposing everyone else’s sin in the Church is in fact the important first stage of Francis’ agenda to first destroy the credibility of both Christ and His promise and thus the Church itself. Though certainly inadvertently that is what CM is doing and though (under Felay) to a much lesser degree, the SSPX also! Once that is accomplished Fraudcis will find it easy to introduce his “sin is just a human problem, not a divine problem” and thus sin can be overlooked and forgiven, or even redefined to fit the “incapacity of man” to not sin. That of course is what Luther taught! Sin all you want as long as you believe God will forgive! But at least Luther has a Hell for those who refused to “believe”! Francis thus has reached the highest level of Luciferian morality and theology preparing hundreds of millions of Catholics for the new improved “Christ” the Son of Lucifer.

  2. Have the bishops no shame? The love that exists between I, a mortal sinner, and My Blessed Lord in the Eucharist is a mutual love: I love Him and, amazingly He loves me. When you dear members of the episcopacy shut the doors to His love, it isn’t just us deplorables you offend only, no it is the greatest love that exists that you offend. The love that My Lord has for me; the desire that He has for this poor soul to visit Him veiled in the tabernacle. It is the love of my creator, the Second Person in the Blessed Trinity. And where do you think Cardinal Nichols lies the greater offence? You seek to be a wrecker of souls by denying Our Blessed Lord’s divine right to be united in love with His creatures He so loves. Lord have mercy on us!

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