Italian MP, Sgarbi denounces the Statistical Fraud on COVID-19

Vittorio Sgarbi, denounces the closure of 60% of the businesses for 25,000 COVID-19 Deaths, of which the National Institute of Health says 96.3% died NOT of COVID-19 but of other pathologies. That means only 925 have died of the virus. 24,075 have died of other things.

He says false statistics are being use to terrorize the citizens of Italy and establish a dictatorship. He makes his statements on the vigil of April, 25, which celebrates the liberation of Italy by the Allied powers in World War II.

Vittorio Sgarbi is a member of the Forza Italia Party, from Emilia-Romagna, if you reckon his political affiliation by the party for which he was a candidate in the most recent election (Regional elections). The head of the Forza Italia party is the former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Though Sgarbi has switched parties many times in his long political career, which began with him as a Monarchist. In the Italian Parliament he is currently a member of the mixed group.

In the transcript which follows parentheses indicate interruptions from the floor.


The speech of the Member of Parliament Vittorio Sgarbi in the session of the Italian Camera, Meeting no. 331 of Friday 24, April, 2020, regarding the approval of the ‘Cura Italia’ decree.

“We are on the eve of April 25th and we must be united against dictatorships and united in truth. Let us not make this the House of lies: not on February 26, but on March 9, science, the science evoked here, said that the virus was little more than a flu. That science is what inspired this Government

(Comments of the Members of the Movimento 5 Stelle and Democratic Party groups).

It is said, it has been said, it is documented, it has been said, do not lie! Then, tell the truth, do not make this the Chamber of lies. At least here the principle of Giambattista Vico applies: verum ipsum factum. And, then, you have heard and given the numbers, I want to give them too: no D’Attis, no Pagani; do not say 25 thousand dead here too, it is not true! Don’t use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism. The data from the Higher Institute of Health say that 96.3% died of other diseases.

(Comments from the MP Trizzino).

Exactly the data, the numbers, the numbers say this. It’s the truth!

Go read them! Go read them! I read them all! Sixty percent died of other diseases, said by the Higher Institute of Health. If you don’t know, study!

(Comments from congressman Trizzino)! You are a ignorante!

While Italy was a red zone, here everyone was without masks. Today Basini is accused because he has to wear it. You’re ridiculous

(Comments from the MEPs of the MoVimento 5 Stars group)

you didn’t wear it until the day before yesterday: that’s exactly how it is! In Germany, the economy, health care and school on 4 May will work perfectly. We are a state with the least rights in Europe. Germany has shown strength and the right response, we here are once again humiliated by Germany, even in illness. We have closed down 60% of businesses. I give data, dear Trizzino, go check them out.

Now, it is clear that I was the first to call for the closure of Parliament; today we are all here in disguise, while the other time there was only Dall’Osso; there were few who wore the mask, and today it is pointed out if you do not wear it. Well, precisely because the truth is the most important thing, let us give the real numbers, let us not continue to lie. There are certainly strong data. I read them here too, Trizzino: 56% in Lombardy, 14% in Emilia, 8% in Piedmont, 5% in Veneto. We cannot imagine applying uniform rules with such disparate areas of epidemic. So I say: at least here, let us tell the truth, let us measure ourselves against Germany, let us be united in liberation against hypocrisy and lies, against falsifications, against the false numbers that are given to terrorize the Italians. The 25,000 dead, as Professor Bassetti said, died of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases

(Comments from the members of the MoVimento 5 Stelle and Partito Democratico groups).

Let’s not use them to humiliate Italy, let’s not use them to give the citizens false news! Give the numbers, check them out, and I challenge you, Trizzino, to a jury of honor to look at the numbers…

I simply said they all give numbers, but they don’t give false numbers. 25 thousand Coronavirus people didn’t die in Italy. That’s not true! It’s a way to terrorize the Italians and impose a dictatorship of consent: it’s ridiculous!




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36 thoughts on “Italian MP, Sgarbi denounces the Statistical Fraud on COVID-19”

  1. More good news. But how long before most folks believe and act on it. Here in the USA, for many, the VIRUS has been a gift from the gods of government. They now get paid more for staying home than working.

    1. There are only so many things you can do with money while locked at home. But yes, some people want to be white rats in the cages of a brave new world, where they are required only to accept whatever injections Gates gives them, so he can see what happens.

    2. Is there any proof? I can’t find any supportive numbers from the institute. By the way, people don’t die of the ‘coronavirus’, they die of the results of it like pneumonia, cardiovascular problems, organ failure, etc… The daily death rates in Italy more than doubled compared to previous years during the peak of the crisis. Doctors were saying they’d never seen anything like it in their decades of work. They’re all just lying? I want to see the source for these claims because I tried to find his 96.3% number and couldn’t.

      1. The source of the 96.3% figure is the Instituto Superiore di Sanità, their report which came out before April 25, 2020. They have their own website.

      2. And please provide us with the proof that Italy had a more than double death rate. As reported on Television? You heard this on the internet? Foolish that you would point to statistical data provided by the Mockingbird media

  2. Is there any reference on that number he puts out? Any ISS report where we can find those numbers?

    1. I do not know of which report he specifically refers to, you would have to check the website of the Instituto Superiore della Sanità, for the reports published prior to April, 25, 2020.

  3. As you can see, if you read Italian, the last political office for which he ran, he ran on the Forza Italia list., though it is true that in 2018 he delisted from Forza Nuova, a thing he has done many times in his career, just has he has rejoined Forza Nuova any times. So in this case it is difficult to get it right if you do not read Italian.

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