The Phantom of the Virus

The Musical Mockery of the Stunt

Starring Louie Verrecchio

Talents you never thought Louie Had.

CORRECTION: FromRome.Info withdraws the identification of Mr. Verrecchio as a Sedevacantist, and asks pardon to all, especially to him, for the error in attributing such a position to him.

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10 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Virus”

  1. Outstanding performance so revealing of the truth. We have been had by CDC hustlers and especially the MSM who want us CONTROLLED by Democrats.

    Tell us Brother, why you think Louie is a Sedevacantist. He’s a man after my own heart who speaks the truth.

  2. Michael,
    Louie isn’t doing a video series interviewing well known sedevacantist John Lane for no reason.

    1. Thanks Charmaine for info on the John Lane and Louie show. John has encouraged me for a number of years to make the move to the sede side. I’ve resisted but am weakening.

  3. Per your correction above, Louie is dishonest. He rightly doesn’t accept Bergoglio as a true pope, but claims that Benedict XVI only reigned over a counterfeit church (aka the “conciliar church”), i.e., not the “true Church” (his words). So what does that make him?

    1. Charmaine, it would be absurd to say Benedict resigned as pope from the false Church without being a Sede as that requires you to believe Benedict was never a true pope. Being head of a false Church.means your papacy never was valid and the council that elected him was an invalid council as all Sede’s also insist.

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