Giuseppe Conte allows Communist March but forbids Catholic Religion

Here are a selection of videos being shared in Italy, expressing the outrages of Italians that the response to the alleged Virus is a No to Christianity, but a Yes to Marxism.

The first was shared by Matteo Salvini. It is a video showing a Marxist parade at Rome, allowed without authorization? He asked. How can this be, when funerals are forbidded and Masses with 13 persons are fined?

The Second is a video of a Don Danilo Di Alessando, pastor of Maierato, in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, who asks the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, why it is forbidden to go to Mass, but it is now allowed to go at a Restaurant? He begins by asking him if he has ever entered a Church, to know how big they are?

[wpvideo qKjkYjvA]

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2 thoughts on “Giuseppe Conte allows Communist March but forbids Catholic Religion”

  1. Of course Conte will allow Marist parades, also LGBTQI parades in deference to the NWO. The rapidity AF closed down the entire CC for our Easter celebrations until further notice, i.e. when Soros, Gates etc. tells him (if ever) supports our suspicions. It is incumbent on Europe to turn back to Christ & reclaim His Kingship within His Church & our nations & release the NWO (Satan) grip upon us. All we want to do is to serve God on this earth & afterwards in Heaven if we can attain that state & we mustn’t let anything to deflect us.

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