Conte’s Government passes law to starve Political Dissidents to death

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The new law, entitled, “Cura Italia” — that is, “Cure Italy!” — is a vicious piece of psychotic psychopathy which violates numerous points of constitutional law in Italy.

It continues to deny the right of Catholics to worship, except at funerals of 15 persons or less.

It continues to prevent most services from operating (Bars & barbershops etc.).

But worse of all, it requires that all accept that there is a Pandemic which is an existential threat to Italy. The mandatory sign of this political position is the wearing of a face mask which cannot stop viral infection!

Those who fail to do so will be fined.

But worse of all, those who fail to wear a mask cannot enter any store to purchase anything. Thus they cannot buy food or medicine.

Only a radical Marxist government can mean by “Cure Italy!”, the de facto starvation to death of all political dissidents.

This is the Italy in communion with Bergoglio.

I for one will never live a lie. I will not wear a mask. They can drag me to prison or execute me. But I will live as a Catholic in the real world. I refuse to live in the psychosis of Giuseppe Conte. I refuse to submit to his psychopathic regime!

I am a Roman Catholic! I have a divine right to liberty and truth.

Christ won that right for me on Calvary and gave it to me when He Rose from the Dead.

I repeat what I said two weeks ago:

In Italy, the medical mask has become the Mark of the Beast. If you do not live the lie, you cannot buy or sell, just as Saint John foretold in the Apocalypse. Conte knows what he is doing. He is a Satanist.

Oh, and up until the day the new Law was passed in Parliament, none of the parliamentarians of the government wore masks in the small crowded chambers of the Lower House. When called out on their hypocrisy, they all began wearing them on April. 24. These people know that there is no medical pandemic.

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5 thoughts on “Conte’s Government passes law to starve Political Dissidents to death”

  1. Excellent Brother. Are you getting much local support for your revolutionary thinking or at least acknowledgment of the conspiracy behind it all?

    Clearly in retrospect the draconian measures taken were unnecessary. But it also appears the government has found the pandemic useful for other purposes as you outlined. I think the truth about this will seep out in the next few months. Trump has everything to gain and nothing to lose by promoting the truth behind Covid-19 hoax.
    You are fortunate Brother to at least have very clean streets. The clearer appears every time you do or so it seems.

  2. Cura Antipapa Francisco y Giuseppi Conte would be more like it. These two should be removed from Italian Society ASAP, in whatever way possible. This is a supernatural & just war where Satan must be absolutely defeated & his followers taken out. While we know God will win in the end, we can shorten the time of suffering by aligning ourselves with Him to physically rid ourselves of the presence of evil which has become endemic in our society. Ideologists of any agenda do not speak for the majority & many of them aren’t even elected members of parliament (Soros, Gates, Fauci, Warren Buffett, MSM, UN etc.). Others have successfully infiltrated religious bodies, most notably the Vatican, & claim to have jurisdiction over an already living pontiff without much reproof from our Cardinals & Bishops, supposedly successors of First Apostles.

    It is demonic that these creatures are allowed to maintain the power they have usurped by nearly 7B global inhabitants who consider their proposals appropriate, until they personally find out their names are on the Depopulate List. Then we face WWIII!

  3. The same is happening across the globe with the difference being it’s coming from our own Bishop!

    Here in Texas the Bishop of Fort Worth Texas has declared in his April 2020 newsletter, that we will be forced into wearing a face mask at Mass one it resumes.

    We still have no Mass here in Texas…..

    Quarantine is when you restrict the movement if sick people…
    Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

  4. It is the same here in upstate NY. Here in the Broome/Tioga county area you are not allowed to enter most grocery stores without a mask, and yet Gov. Cuomo’s approval rating is at 77%. They are all a bunch of sheep who apparently would prefer Cuomo to Christ as their shepherd.

  5. Conte may be looking to provoke violent protests in Italy, to justify the worse of lock down measures ie. establishing a total state like China.

    Thanks be to God, the Italians aren’t falling for it yet because there are still many men and women who know the Truth, know their history, and are intelligent enough to confront this childish regime. Truth, faith and Intelligence are Conte’s and Bergoglio’s greatest enemies since communism has no basis on any of those and it cannot survive when the people confront the tyrants with these powerful weapons.

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