The Medical Masque and how to make slaves love their servitude

A documentary which shows that that the mandatory wearing of medical masks without any scientific justification is a step in the Rosicrucian Alchemical objectives of initiating humanity into a religion based on falsehood: the wearing of the mask as the sign of submission and participation in this Anti-Christic religion. This explains why you are being refused to buy or sell without one, just like the Mark of the Beast in the Apocalypse.

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4 thoughts on “The Medical Masque and how to make slaves love their servitude”

  1. Yes, all the pieces are coming together in possible preparation for the anti-Christ. We might be witnessing is a preview, a dress rehearsal

  2. It states on the box the masks are packaged in, that they do not protect from corona virus . So whats the point of wearing them.

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