Was the opening ceremony of 2012 Olympics a satanic Ritual of Prelude for COVID Stunt?


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10 thoughts on “Was the opening ceremony of 2012 Olympics a satanic Ritual of Prelude for COVID Stunt?”

  1. I preferred to watch before the Blessed Sacrament than that evil event. When I did watch it I hated it. Funnily enough it took a Muslim taxi driver who had the same feelings as I about it. British masonry predictive planning.

  2. I can’t find the unedited ceremony on the internet. Was it done for the Winter, 2012 Olympics? Betty

  3. Very very suspect… does not match-up to the almost 3 hr Olympic Committee vid of the same …. there is much here that is not in the “official” Olympic vid … even over the first hour!!

      1. Understood…BUT the scenes this vid does show are not consistent with the “official” Olympic Committee vid .. ex – where did the “doctors dancing” occur in the official vid? ex – the stadium is not empty at any time.
        It is far from clear that “satanic ritual’ occurred at 2012 Olympics … that may in fact be so, but this vid does not support that. IMHO

      2. Fran, when the Olympics are broadcasted what you see is not everything which happens as it happens. As you can see from the video above, it was filmed before the olympics and then a segment was selected to be included in the live transmission. I am sure that those in the stadium for the live ceremony never saw it in person.

  4. It sure looks like a prelude to COVID. This is sickening. The NFL Super Bowel does the same thing. What I don’t get is what are they trying to tell us?

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