Pentagon: Vaccines to remove genes necessary for religion faith

Begin watching at 3:50, where in an official Pentagon Briefing they say that they have done studies to use vaccine to alter the genetic structure of patients to prevent.

Targeted: Religious fanatics and religious fundamentalists.

How to deploy this gene therapy? Introduce it secretly into a vaccine which is claimed to be for respiratory diseases.

“We are quite confident that this will be a very successful approach”. “The name for this program will be Vaccine for religious fundamentalism”.

In addition, there follows an interview with a Russian Military Intelligence Officer who says that the COVID-19 Pandemic is a stunt, invented to control the masses and ultimately to vaccine them out of existence. The goal is to reduce the world population by billions.

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One thought on “Pentagon: Vaccines to remove genes necessary for religion faith”

  1. Yes, amazing how quickly all the plans for Satan’s world domination are being executed. This is no doubt due to the devil’s having assumed control of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church led by anti-pope Bergolio. Surely, many alive now will see the coming of the anti-Christ but most unfortunately will see him as a savior of mankind.

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