Tolmezzo, Italy: Citizens protest new Cura Italia decree

The 2 policemen have their hands full and cannot control the crowd, as they shout: What am I going to eat tonight? How can I pay my bills? Heckling the authorities in town hall and demanding that the Mayor come forth and address them.

When he does, they applause and demand that they be allowed to work, respectful of social distancing. Claiming their town is healthy and asking that the City Officials meet with a committee of citizens representing those who want the shut down to end.

If you keep the town shut down we are all going to go out of business and you wont have a city to govern, says their spokesman. He rightly points out that the Cura Italia decree will break the middle and lower classes.

The mayor responds by promising to speak to the regional authorities. But the crowd will not have it. They demand immediate action to reopen the businesses. Shouting, “We want to work”.

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3 thoughts on “Tolmezzo, Italy: Citizens protest new Cura Italia decree”

    1. Definitely. They should gather around the Rectory while one sounds the door bell and then all begin a protest to remind the priest that the God that will judge him is in Heaven, not in the Chancery or the Vatican.

  1. Is it not more to the point that we should be targeting Bill Gates, George Soros, UN, EU etc. rather than small parish churches with one parish priest who feels he must retain communion with Rome, even if an Antipope is sitting on the Throne of Peter. If we can break the grip of these unelected people their hold on the Vatican could be severed & that would have a ricochet effect on civil governments whose party systems have been taken over by far right & far left ideologies that show no care about their electors & visibly ignore the manifestos they have been voted into office on.

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