4 Bishops in USA refuse to reopen Churches until there is a Vaccine


It is a sad testimony to the Church in the USA, to have such “bishops”, and sad too, that you have to hear the news about it from a TV Channel in Colombia, and in Spanish. But because of the News-worthiness of the matter, FromRome.Info has decided to share this video, which was just published minutes ago, from Colombia.

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12 thoughts on “4 Bishops in USA refuse to reopen Churches until there is a Vaccine”

  1. Good. This means the faithful should not give a single penny to these evil men, ever again, even after the vaccine is ready (which nobody should be willing to take). If you can’t get rid of wolves, you have to starve them to death.

  2. How can a bishop a true shepherd refuse a baptized Catholic the sacraments? Because they aren’t true shepherds but mere hirelings.

  3. God has given Catholics over 7 years to affirm His true Vicar after he had already been openly and publicly despised and vilified since his election in 2005 and finally forced out by the new Sanhedrin in Rome in 2013. He has now for 7 years been left abandoned by bishops and priests universally in the Church with universal pledges of obedience and honor given instead to an apostate usurper and destroyer of the faith! Even Catholics who knew better tolerated in silence this betrayal!
    Are we now surprised that Heaven has allowed our churches and the sacraments to be taken from us and even allowing the enemy to do it? But did not they earn that right by our own “lukewarmness” in the face of this indifference and betrayal? Since it has become now glaringly obvious our churches have fallen into the hands of the enemy could this be anything but evidence of what Our Lord predicted would happen to the church of Laodicea has happened to us requiring a complete reconfiguration from top to bottom of the Church after the wolves are separated from the true shepherds? Revelation 3:15-17.

  4. Translation: 4 Bishops refuse to open Churches until the arrival of the Mark of the Beast.

    1. They are only the ones brazen enough to openly admit their alliance with Satan. I suspect a full third of the prelates are just as fully devoted to him with easily another third in cowardly submission without full consent. Perhaps some of these will be redeemed while the rest may capitulate to the Mark or abandon their ministry. It’s a frightening reality to ponder.

      1. Yes, David. Frightening. But all predicted in Scripture and Catholic Prophecy. We need to pray very hard for our priests and religious so that some of them at least will stay true and serve God in the Underground, Remnant Church.

  5. They are bastards – one and all. Sorry for my language. Let’s pray an Ave for these hirelings!

  6. Not that it makes much difference, but the pictures of the bishops are mixed up. The top middle marked Walker Nickless Bishop of Sioux City is actually my bishop Thomas Zinkula of Davenport. I can’t say I’m surprised at him. I attended mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral on the Sacred Heart feast day and heard him preach the homily on an old married couple that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Sacred Heart of Jesus! I kind of wondered though, because my priest had been trying to keep the church open for praying, confessions and so on, it was in the bulletin. Next week things got changed. I had the feeling it was because of the bishop. On one hand it is kind of a surprise. Iowa had been a pretty conservative state. I’m seriously considering moving. Just not sure where to go.

    1. By the way, it is true. According to the diocesan website https://davenportdiocese.org/ the pdf file of their joint statement says:
      “In light of the expectation that positive cases of COVID-19 will peak in Iowa in the next few weeks, we have decided it would be most prudent for now to continue to follow the liturgical restrictions we have in place, including the suspension of public Masses. Without an effective vaccine or widespread testing and contact data that justifies a change in course, we simply are not at a place where we can resume our previous prayer practices.”

  7. Actually, I’m in the Dubuque Archdiocese and we opened for Masses on Pentecost weekend (May 30/31).

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