5 thoughts on “Bill Gates: World domination through control of Vaccines & Food Supplies”

  1. The world considers Bill Gates a great humanitarian using his money for the benefit mankind. What’s not to like? Most folks will line up for the vaccine. Few will believe that Bill is a bad guy. This opinion is unlikely to change but efforts should continue to open people’s eyes as a few will be saved as a result.

    In my opinion Bill Gates is part of the Great Chastisement and, like the devil himself, has his role to play.

  2. Bill Gates, NWO aficionados & Antipope F are attempting to usurp the Deity & Authority of God with Satan’s support (given to him by God). We are entering the final days of the hundred year licence given to Satan by God to destroy His Church which will most likely see the destruction of the Vatican, the deaths of the true Pope & his enemies & then the Divine intervention giving Our Lady the go ahead to set things straight once again with the arrival of the pious prelate she spoke about in Quito. There will be a lot of suffering to endure – a white martyrdom for many will ensue – but we must never forget that Jesus has promised the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church & those who persevere until the end will be saved. Our job is to buckle-up, give each other encouragement, not be drawn into unruly elitism disagreements which is the work of Satan but to absolutely trust in God even if we think His methods are not in accord to what we expect (they won’t be) & to carry our faith like a badge of honour at all times. Be Not Afraid!

    1. Ann- Agree 100%. Our Lady’s prophecies are coming to fruition because the Church and most Catholics did not follow her direction.

  3. Bill sold his soul to the devil over 40 years ago. He is now completely possessed, and taking his orders from the Antichrist. The only hope for humanity is God’s mercy and the The Warning/Illumination of the Soul. It will enable us to see where we are in relation to God, and provide the spiritual courage needed to refuse the Mark of the Beast. With that at least mankind has a chance, but even then, shockingly, many people will turn back to sin. Dark days just ahead…it hasn’t even really started yet. Major Chastisements (global earthquakes and astroids falling on Earth like hail), The Great Tribulation and the Reign of the Antichrist just around the corner. “Fasten your spiritual seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”.

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