Don Enrico Bernasconi declares for Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Don Enrico Bernasconi, assistant pastor of Santa Maria della Strada, Torremaggiore, Italy has declared for Pope Benedict XVI!

He made his declaration in a lengthy interview granted to Samuel Colombo, an Italian vocalist and political activist: the interview was published at, here in Italy. has requested permission to translate it, which is required in EU Law.

Don Bernasconi is a late vocation, being ordained a priest only 3.5 years ago. He serves in the Catholic Diocese of San Severino, in the region of Puglia (Apulia), on that part of the Italian Peninsula which looks like the heel of the boot. His parish at Torremaggiore is not far from San Giovanni Rotondo, famous throughout the entire world for the presence and tomb of Padre Pio.

But fair use policy does allow FromRome.Info to cite a small part of the interview, and translate that, for its news worthiness.

Who is the pope to you today? Francis or Benedict XVI?

First of all I would like to say that it is not a question of sympathy or of feeling closer to one pope than another: it is a question of truth. There cannot be two popes at the same time. I believe that, due to the fact that Pope Benedict XVI has not duly renounced the munus petrino, in his declaratio, as required by can. 332 §2 for the validity of the act of his resignation, he remains the Vicar of Christ. As some well qualified scholars have said, Benedict XVI has renounced the active exercise of the ministry but not the Petrine office; in other words, it is as if he has renounced ‘doing’ the pope but not ‘being’ the pope. This fact, from the canonical point of view, is then confirmed by the subsequent attitude taken by Benedict XVI, who did not renounce the name of Holiness, the name, the signature with the acronym that belongs only to the reigning Pontiff, P.P. (Pontifex Pontificum), remained in Vatican territory, kept the white cassock and intervened several times in the last seven years. The title of pope emeritus is something insignificant and all the more so is the concept of ‘extended’ ministry.

Do you say communion with Benedict XVI?

I celebrate in union with Benedict XVI, being still the Vicar of Christ on earth. I have in fact matured in conscience the decision that it would no longer make any sense to celebrate in union with those who are not the legitimate pope, even if they are recognized as such by the majority. And those who celebrate in union with the legitimate pope certainly cannot be schismatics; rather they can be, in this anomalous situation, unjustly sanctioned or excommunicated.

Let us pray for this heroic priest who is loyal to truth and to the Catholic Religion. By his decision he is risking persecution and the loss of not only his entire salary but room and board.

From the rest of his interview, it is clear that he is very well informed about the current state of the Church and the cause of the problems under which She is being crucified with Her Lord, Jesus Christ.

Don Bernasconi’s profession of truth adds to the growing numbers of clergy world wide who are declaring for Pope Benedict XVI:

  • Archbishop Lenga, Poland
  • Bishop Gracida, Texas, USA
  • Several Bishops in Italy, who are still unnamed
  • Don Alessandro Minutella, Palermo, Sicily
  • Don Enrico Roncaglia, Veneto, Italy
  • Don Francesco D’Erasmo, Tarracina, Italy,
  • Several priests here at Rome, who are still unnamed
  • Father Walter Covens, Martinique
  • Father Paul Kramer, USA
  • Many other priests, whose names are  not yet known to FromRome.Info.

To these clergy, there are thousands of laity who could be named. But the following Associations which have declared for Pope Benedict XVI are:

Veri Catholici, which has more than 3000 members world wide.


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9 thoughts on “Don Enrico Bernasconi declares for Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. All praise, glory, honor and adoration, be to the Divine Trinity, One God. and Blessed be the Holy Virgin Mary, who is tracing The Way (Strada) for her beloved Priests to return to Her Fold.

    That another brave soldier has come out to defend the True Pope, is so worthy of admiration. Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!

  2. Also Fr. Nicholas Gruner (+ April 29, 2015), the beloved Fatima Priest.

  3. Feast of St Joseph the Workman
    1 May MMXX A. D.

    God bless this courageous priest

    I’m glad you mentioned Fr. Gruner. Here is is profession months before he died. Requiescat in pacem.

  4. Also Father David R. Belland, Minnesota, USA, and Father Francois Chazal, MCSPX.

      1. You’re welcome, Brother. Father Francois Chazal belongs to the Marian Corps of St. Pius X, which broke away from the Society of St. Pius X. He now runs the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Seminary in Cebú City. Father Chazal was of the “Recognise and Resist” stance, but a friend from Northern Luzón told me that he now acknowledges Benedict XVI as Pope.

      2. That is wonderful news. If his community follows him in adhering to B16, please let me know more about them and I will write a report, or if you like, you can write one and I will gladly publish it.

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