4 thoughts on “Frank Walker: Is the SSPX like the Church of Scientology? No.”

  1. Why is Mr. Walker so intent on defending the SSPX, against all evidence that horrible things have occurred in its ranks and leadership? He dismisses all Church Militant’s reports as “hack jobs” and even calls the local paper reporting in KS “a Voris attack”! He seems to be himself an SSPX cultist, to tell the unfortunate truth: all his “rebuttals” sound the same as any other SSPXer unwilling to face the truth. Just because the SSPX is open when the local diocese isn’t doesn’t make them necessarily better! Many of their positions I agree with but others I definitely disagree, including the absolute need to stick with 1960/1962 Mass and Office.

    1. Walker is not reacting to the truth of the accusations. He admits that they may be truth. He is rather reacting to the timing of the reports, because he believes it is now important to affirm the important of having mass, even if from a group such as the SSPX. His position is partly based on the traditional position of the laity in the USA to believe priests before laity and presume accusations are false, which was the practice for generations in many Catholic familys in the USA on account of the cultural position of Catholics in the USA which are menaced on all sides and thus tended to defend their own clergy from attacks with little prudence..

  2. I guess that’s true but as important as Mass is, if the SSPX proves to be rotten from the top, even if it’s “wrong timing”, its better that scandals arise than be hidden, to paraphrase St. Gregory the Great. I remember one saint’s congregation was in danger of being dissolved, the saint’s reputation brought into question because of such an incident; the big difference was that the saint really had no idea and so was proved so by the canonization process, whereas the SSPX leadership (apart from +Lefebvre), from what has been revealed so far, had no excuse whatsoever! The saint’s congregation survived and thrived til Vatican II, but the SSPX ‘s future is much less certain especially when it still acknowledges Bergoglio as Pope and calls those saying Benedict is still Pope “schismatics”; my parent was told that once when she argued for Benedict.

  3. Also, I was commenting not on this video per se, but on his website, which in which he puts what he thinks about the most recent articles exposing the SSPX: his calling the Kansas Star reporting “Voris SSPX attack,” etc.

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