Generale Antonio Pappalardo, 1 Maggio

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Brigadier General Antonio Pappalardo in this public talk continues his call for an Orange Revolution in May. Here is  a summary of his talk.

After explaining to all that only legitimate laws should be respected, and reproving those police who enforce that which are not legitimate laws, he remarks that the Community Party has over decades infiltrated the Catholic Church to open way to promote Catto-Communism (Catholic-Communism) which was used to create the new parties which now rule Europe and Italy.

He calls for an abolition of the ruling coalition in Italian Parliament who serve only themselves. Calls the 5 Star Movement merely a trick of the Marxists to take over the state.

He then condemns the worship of Gaia and Nature as the end product of this false Catto-Catholicism, which is esoteric (satanic) and dogmatic in its religious pretensions.

Then he affirms that the Globalists have the same objective of Adolf Hitler: to change the thought of the masses so that the elites can rule the world.

He then claims that Giuseppe Conte has a secret agreement with forces in the Church to establish in Italy a new religion which will unite with the new one world religion. He implies that the closure of the Churches by Conte has this long term objective of changing religions. He says that the new Prophet of this religion is from the Southern Hemisphere (he implies Bergoglio).

He concludes by saying that Italian Citizens have every right to protest in the streets and piazzas, because the path of the present government is clearly to establish a permanent dictatorship, calling on Italians to take action in May.

He says there were protests at Naples on April 25, and at Rome, Triest and Palermo today, May first. He calls for a new Constitution to prevent the crimes committed against the present one.

He sums up by reminding citizens not to resort to violence and promises victory through a non-violent means, and legal actions. Asking that Italians protest with copies of the Constitution in hand and the Italian Tri-Color Flag. Claiming that his proposed action will definitively change the course of Italian history.


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