Avv. Edoardo Polacco exults for 1,400+ Criminal Complaints filed against Conte


In addition, Attorney Polacco says:

  • The new Decree which goes into force for May, 4, 2020, appears to be written out of an intent to persecute the citizens of Italy.
  • Citizens who, when stopped by the police, respond that they are going for a walk or jog, or to see the heavens or enjoy Nature will be fined. Rather, they must respond, according to Polacco, that they are going out for purposes of movement (motivo motorio).
  • Every kind of groupings is forbidden. But according to law this must apply equally to all, even though it is clear that Conte does not observe this norm for his political visits.
  • Visits to relatives are permitted. However, since the law forbids that police ask the name of relatives, for reasons of privacy, citizens must say nothing more, when claiming such a motive for going outside.
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