Bergoglio to Mother of austistic son: One day we might find ourselves all in Hell

The words are found at 3:40 in this video, in Italian.

The Mother, saluting Bergoglio for having called her autistic son, says to him: Your Holiness, you have no need for prayers, you are already a saint!

To which he replies:  O My God! — One day we might find ourselves all in Hell!

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5 thoughts on “Bergoglio to Mother of austistic son: One day we might find ourselves all in Hell”

  1. Fatima Saturday
    2May MMXX A. D.

    This is pathetic, but highly informative. In jest, truth. Nota bene, you will note the look of shock on the lady’s face. It should not shock anyone who’s been following Bergoglio these past seven dreadful years

    It is Bergoglio’s aim and desire that “we all end up in Hell.” That is why he is a false pope.

    He’s ended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Never achieved before in all history. Folks take note.

    Priests are the gates of Heaven. This is precisely because they administer the Sacraments, particularly the Mass and Confession, thus reconciling sinners and permitting Divine Grace to flow to us.

    What two targets has the false pope primarily taken aim to destroy: The priesthood. (See promotion of lavender mafia.) And the Sacraments. (See, Amoralis Laetitia.) and now he has a planetary cessation of the Mass. A Mass Ban you might say.

    This is a Ban that Antipope Bergoglio and his coven of the clerical the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church have no intention of ever restoring.

    Yet Our Lady wins in the end. Our Lord’s Church shall not fail.

    Bergoglio Antipope KNOWS where he’s going, and brazenly boasts about it. Want to go with him? (Inter Alia: M. Matt Westen Skojec et Co?)

    As Belloc once said of a Puritan, I say of a False Pope: “He served his god so faithfully and well, / That now he sees him everyday, / In Hell.”

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”

  2. I have no doubt Bergoglio will go down in history as a complete imbecil and he certainly knows it.

    1. I think Divine Providence gave her a lesson, so that her error would receive a most shocking reply. Now she has evidence that to wish Bergoglio to be among the saints is for him a curse.

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