Diabolic Disorientation? That is a mild word!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

After Vatican II there was a lot of talk about diabolical disorientation, in that the Clergy seem to be attacking the Church Herself.

In the Apocalypse of Saint John, Satan, in the last days, deceives the Clergy of the Catholic Church, who obey him and depart en masse from their sacred duties: Saint John describes this as the tail of the dragon sweeping a third of the stars from the sky. And if you know something about astronomy, an earth bound gazer normally can see only 1/3 of the heavens at any given time. On which account, I hold that Saint John is referring to all the clergy in the last days.

And that time has clearly come: because nearly all the Clergy in the whole world have stopped giving the Sacraments to the Faithful. And the few who do are requiring sacrilege to be committed as a condition to receiving.

For this reason, diabolical disorientation is too mild a word for what is happening. These priests have apostasied from Jesus Christ and have seals a pact with the Demon of the Abyss.

Dear priests: am I saying that you who are refusing the sacraments are meriting a damnation worse than Judas Iscariot? — YES.

Am I saying there is absolutely no hope of your eternal salvation unless you publicly change your behavior immediately, even at the cost of imprisonment? — YES.

Am I saying that that is all you will risk? — NO. For if you continue in your path of apostasy, you will soon be possessed by legions of devils, as a sign to all of your unalterable decision to chose perdition and service to the Antichrist.

And if what I just said does not move you, then, tremble, because you are already worse than damned or possessed.

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14 thoughts on “Diabolic Disorientation? That is a mild word!”

  1. Surely, the clergy thinks that following the orders of the government is the right thing as it will save lives. They also surely think that this is what Jesus would do How can they be blamed? This is the way they have been trained since Vatican II.

    The blame for this materialistic orientation clearly lies with the Popes and the hierarchy who wished to blend the spirit of the world and the Spirit of Christ in order to achieve a symbiotic relationship. Unfortunately, the spirit of the world has come to dominate the Spirit of Christ. This is diabolic disorientation.

    1. Michael, the man who worships Truth has learned how to discern truth. A man whose mind is closed to the search for truth is a man who does not worship God or Truth.

    2. We all are obliged to take stock of the demonic position we are in & make our minds up about it. It is particularly incumbent on the main characters of this charade – the true Pope, his usurper, the entire prelature but also our priests & laity. Implicit obedience demands that we know with certainty to whom we owe our allegiance as successor of St. Peter & Vicar of Christ. As there cannot be two popes it is vital that this matter & the confusion surrounding is finally cleared. It is destroying the unity of the Church & has debased the Papacy itself.

  2. That’s right, brother. Most of the clergy in the United States simply follow orders from their Bishops, first for economic reasons, then for the sake of maintaining rapport with the Bishops, and then because of maintaining a reputation with the public and the rest of the “Church”. Most clergy hate being seen as dissenters or rebels. They like the “good standing” status written on the letters from their Bishops/Chancellors/Vicars for clergy ,etc.

    Most priests in the United States are treated as employees of the Diocese. In some cases they are 1099’s (self-employed) without any income or sustenance directly from the Diocese. It is much easier for these kinds of priests to disobey the Bishop’s lock down orders because generally, these priests need to sustain themselves anyway, and celebrating mass at homes, annointing the sick, is the only way to make a living for them as it is.

    In any case, money, reputation, tax status, status with the Diocese, fear of losing retirement or income from the Bishop when they are let go because of age, are not good enough reasons to incur eternal damnation.

    1. Agree. Nothing is worth losing your soul to the Devil but these men & silent prelates don’t apparently believe in God, so it is just a job to them.
      “The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

      1. Ann Milan–
        Agree 100%. “… these men & silent prelates don’t apparently believe in God, so it is just a job to them.”

        My wife, Lois, who died 25 years ago said the same thing not long after Vatican II started rotting the hierarchy of the Church.

    2. The same thing applies here in the Philippines, especially here in Mindanao, which is the cradle of the post-Vatican II revolution here in my country since the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s. The TLM in Davao City is 77 kilometres far from Tágum City where I live. And I can’t attend Mass there anymore since the lockdown of 16th March, so I just pray the Fifteen Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. We Catholics who love Tradition here in Tágum are a persecuted minority. I myself am the only member of the family who loves Tradition whilst the rest of my family and relatives are fanatical followers of the Novus Ordo and of Antipope Bergoglio, and I suffer misunderstandings from them.

      1. Remember always, it is they who are in error, and you who are in the right. Do not be sad for yourself, be sad for them. Try to find comparisons in common life which show each of the little errors into which they have fallen. For example, if the MSM all say X won the presidential election, but the results of the polls are that Y won the election. Who is the president, X or Y? And when they say Y, ask they why. Is it not because it is the law which lays down the rule by which we judge the correct answer to that question, and not the opinion of men? Likewise, with Pope Benedict. What does the law say, what does the opinion of men say? Which is right?

  3. I would like to challenge the idea that the vision of the dragon sweeping away one third of all the stars in heaven is referring to all or at least 99% of today’s clergy being led astray and swept away into apostasy. For starters, how do you know for a fact that the number of deceased clergy from the Apostles until before Francis came to Power 7 years ago is double the number of the clergy alive today? How do we not know that this number of deceased clergy before Francis came to power is not 4 or 10 times more than today? Also let me remind you that St John had his vision of the book of Revelation while he was on earth. So whatever he saw he saw from the vantage point of earth. Therefore the third of the stars that are swept away is a third of the stars that can be seen from earth and not a third of the total stars in heaven. This shows that the vision must be taken to mean that a third of today’s clergy are swept away by satan through apostasy, unfaithfulness, scandal etc.

    More important is the fact that Jesus promised to be with His Church and that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. If what you say is true it means that Jesus is a liar because it means that the gates of hell have prevailed if all of today’s clergy is led into apostasy. If it is only one third of clergy that is swept away then Jesus spoke the truth that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. Also keep in mind that the bishop can give dispensation to a great many things in Canon Law that the average believing Catholic must do. Going to Mass on Sunday is one of those things. The Church already give dispensation from going to Mass on Sunday to anyone who is too sick to leave the house or whose employment demands that they be at work during Mass time if they still want to keep their work and earn a living. So the bishops rightly or wrongly by telling the faithful and the priests to stay home and not come to Church has given the priests and laity dispensation from their Sunday and pastoral obligations. So if there is something wrong with this then only the bishops will be held responsible and the priests will be excused. Also know that eventually the worldwide lock down wil eventually end. Already many countries have lifted certain lock down restrictions. When this happens the clergy will once again be able to fulfill their pastoral duties.

    Another thing to realize is that no one can be deceived into apostasy since apostasy demands a clear decision to accept and follow teaching at odds with the faith. The majority of clergy today are still ignorant about Francis invalid papal election even though that number is decreasing every day. I do not believe that an all loving and merciful God who send His only Son to save us from our sins will just allow people to be swept into hell out of ignorance where they were not aware that they did any wrong. We know that only mortal sin takes you to hell and not venial sin. One of the 3 requirements needed to commit mortal sin is knowledge of wrongdoing. If this knowledge is absent then no mortal sin is committed even though the matter is grave and serious. Likewise if you don’t have free will then also no mortal sin is committed. How many priests want to minister to the faithful but under obedience to their bishop are forced to stay at home and not minister to the people. Others want to minster but the bishops closed the Churches without the priests approval?

    As things are going now I do believe eventually we will reach a point where not only the clergy but every believer will be forced to make a decision for or against God. Just like the people in Revelation 13 must accept the mark of the beast to sell and buy during the reign of the Antichrist and it is a decision deliberately taken and not one where you can be left in ignorance, I do believe that the clergy will be forced to make a decision for or against Christ and that it will be something more grave and serious than deciding if Francis or Benedict is pope. Also Francis won’t be alive for much longer so this means that all the clergy who outlive Francis will not be in apostasy once Francis is dead and buried. For years modern day Catholic prophets like Fr Michel Rodrigues and even Blessed Catherine Emmerich told us that eventually the Mass will be changed to a point where the words of Consecration is either eliminated or changed so dramatically that Jesus will no longer be present in the species of the bread and wine. I believe this will be the deciding factor for the clergy about whether they will go along with the changes and fall into apostasy or will they resist these changes and remain faithful. Here they will not be able to plead ignorance like is the case in believing Francis is pope.

    What is happening among the clergy who hear about Francis invalid papal election is a state of denial much the same as someone who goes for a doctor’s appointment and told that they have cancer might initially deny that they have cancer even when the doctor give the diagnosis. However when it comes to accepting a valid or invalid mass every priest, bishop and cardinal will be forced to make a decision for or against it. I believe Anti-pope Francis already gave an invitation to world leaders to come to ROME later this year and sign a declaration for a one world religion. So we won’t have to wait long for this invalid mass to be forced upon the clergy.

    1. Albert, I think your last paragraph really evidences the error under which your interpretation moves, namely, that ignorance of who the true pope is a error of the natural order and not an error of the order of supernatural grace for which God is always faithful to the faithful to make known. If we think as presume to do, then we are calling the Holy Spirit a liar, He Who is always a witness to truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the Truth.

      1. If Rome falls into Apostasy it is they who must be held responsible, not the Laity. Since mid-sixties Catholics have not been catechised because it was deemed to go against the false ideology of Ecumenism & missionaries were rarely sent abroad to fulfil the Great Commission. Not catechising the flock gave more control to devious men who had a Marxist Agenda of one world dominance through Liberal Theology. All Popes, Cardinals & Bishops were caught up in it (inc. PJPII & PBXVI) & it is they who must face the consequences. The disclosure of the huge pedophile scandal & the prevalence of LGBTQI amongst the prelature & clergy which was allowed to fester out of control with resulting closures of seminaries followed by law suits paid for by our donations, has to be directly the responsibility of those in charge, who conspired to keep a lid on it. The bifurcation of the papacy brought about by PBXVI’s invalid resignation as a result of failure to deal with this enormous reckoning is beyond the control of the Laity & directly depends on the prelature to act & call the imperfect council which was promised over two years ago. If they don’t, then the Papacy as we have known it for two thousand years will be no more.

        Now that they have conspired to close the doors of the Church in our faces the shock & disbelief at such a demonic gesture coming directly from Rome via our Bishops forewarns us of the End Times which no human can prevent from happening. “Unhappy times will come wherein those who should fearlessly defend the rights of the Church will instead, blinded despite the light, give their hand to the Church’s enemies and do their bidding. But when [evil] seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground.”
        “To be delivered from the slavery of these heresies, those whom the merciful love of my Son has destined for this restoration will need great will-power, perseverance, courage, and confidence in God. To try the faith and trust of these just ones, there will be times when all will seem lost and paralyzed. It will then be the happy beginning of the complete restoration….Our Lady of Good Success.

        I prefer to leave this whole sordid situation to the One who knows all to sort out, which He will in His own time, which is getting very close now. I don’t believe He will allow those who don’t want the Sign of the Beast to be forced into getting it or any vaccine for that matter & suggesting this may be the case is only adding to the panic already out there. Let us put our complete trust in Jesus Christ & His Blessed Mother & all will be well. It is His promise that He will not leave us – ever.

  4. Brother Alexis, there is another instance of truly diabolical disorientation that I only just learned in recent days. Those Catholics who support Bergoglio’s One World Religion plans as a FULFILLMENT of The Great Commission!
    They cannot even grasp the difference between the True Religion of Christ and the Masonic One World Religion!!!

    Such is their argument:
    “Why are you so upset about about a one world religion? Isn’t that what “Catholic” means?”


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