Pope Benedict XVI signals he was forced from power, in new Biography

By Alexis Bugnolo

Pope Benedict XVI has indicated that he was forced from power. His remarks are contained in a new biography by Seewald, which will be published on May, 4, 2020.

He makes his remarks in regard to the controversies and difficulties posed by opposition to his pontificate. I quote from the LifeSite News article, of May, 1, 2020, by Maike Hickson, entitled, Pope Benedict links dominance of ‘homosexual marriage…abortion’ to spiritual power of ‘Anti-Christ’.

When further asked by Seewald as to whether Benedict had foreseen all that would come down upon him — the Pope, at the beginning of his pontificate, had asked Catholics to pray for him that he may not “flee from the wolves” — Benedict stated that the generally perceived scale of problems that a pope can be “afraid of” is much too “small.”

“Of course,” he went on to say, “events such as ‘VatiLeaks’ are a nuisance and not understandable for the people in the world at large and deeply disturbing. But the real threat to the Church and with it to the Petrine Office does not come from such things, but from the world-wide dictatorship of seemingly humanistic ideologies.” To contradict this dictatorship, Benedict explained, “means the exclusion from the basic consensus in society.”

By saying, “world wide dictatorship of humanistic ideologies”, he is clearly referring to the globalists. And by saying, “exclusion from the basis consensus in society”, he is clearly indicating — since the context is the chief problems of his pontificate — that he was rejected by those powers for what he was attempting to do.

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10 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI signals he was forced from power, in new Biography”

  1. I cannot understand why PBXVI would be so concerned about being rejected by the globalists. Surely that is what you’d expect if you were the true pontiff? He could have excommunicated them & put a stop to the CC being implicated in any way with them. If this would have led to schism then so be it – it would be they that would be the schismatics! Desertion should not have been an option as by so doing he has debased the Papacy, which I’m sure he didn’t intend, but that’s the outcome. His successor has added to that error by denying the title Vicar of Christ &, of course, denying the Deity of Jesus, the Abu Dhabi statement & introduction of paganism to the Vatican. He could have made a number of appointments to ease the day to day administrative burden without calling for a conclave, especially if he knew that such would not be in conformity with Canon Law or the rules set down by PJPII governing papal elections.

    In order to stop this confusion which is tearing Catholics apart it might be prudent to allow PBXVI to either revoke his renunciation of the PO or to resign properly in accordance with Canon Law & call for a new conclave which would be transparently carried out in accordance with PJPII’s rules – without electioneering or promised favours. We cannot have two popes – neither a pope emeritus; it only plays into the hands of the Devil & has already shattered the Unity of the OHC&A Church.

      1. He technically defeated Antipope F by a canonical trick which may, or may not, have been inspired by the Holy Ghost but which has left the Church devastated & good people without the leadership of Christ’s true representative on earth. Instead of preventing the catastrophe it has enhanced it as it has given a great excuse to those who didn’t like PBXVI within the prelature not to serve & those of little courage to join with them. As we all can see AF has appointed men of little or no faith who can be easily manipulated by him to positions of strength within the curia & the continued silence from those who should speak will, bar a miracle, ensure their evil agenda is carried through to its final conclusion.

        It is very hard to see how the Papacy of the future can survive in the same format as it has for the past two thousand years. There will have to be radical changes in its structure. If AF has taken the power to do whatever he wants despite Canon Law & without any real opposition then one has the right to ask why didn’t PBXVI take the same power & mandate the consecration of Russia, TLM & reveal to us the entire Third Secret of Fatima while he was visibly acting as Christ’s Vicar?

        We mustn’t forget that the watering down of Catholic Doctrine was promoted by all popes since VII & that this has led to AF being where he is, so to make the case that PBXVI was completely in the clear is not true. He has his own earlier writings leaning towards Liberation Theology & his inactions as Pope to bring back Tradition to the OHC&A Church which was ditched at VII to answer for. It will take generations to regain the trust & aura that has always surrounded the Pope & it is quite possible that the Papacy, as we have known it, will end with Benedict.

    1. No Pope can rule without the consent, or cooperation of the Bishops.

  2. Exactly Brother. Benedict XVI did not flee from the wolves. He struck them right where it hurts (the Munus), like the lightning bolt that struck St. Peter’s Dome. BOOM!

  3. Pachama idol worship plus Luther stamps and statues in the Vatican. Bergoglio’s promotion of Homosexual advocates like Martin of Amer. Mgz., German, Austrian and Belgian bishops, Barros of Chile etc. Deviants in Arg. such as Grassi Pardo Pulia maccarone, Cocopamiero Zunchetta and Depaglia protected and advanced by B.F..Obviously the blatant sellout by BF and McCarrick etc. of Red China- ab Zen faithful & Laity and Deviants McCarrick Daneels and M. Conner protected by B. F.. for DECADES. He Bergoglio not Benedict sixteenth is The smoke of Satan warned of By Pope Paul 6th.. That is obviously a blatant heretic in B. F’s. cino papacy.

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