Don Minutella: On the timely Comments of Pope Benedict XVI in Seewald’s Book

Here is a summary of the principal points, in English:

  • Trad Inc., Burke, Schneider, De Mattei etc. are the Prussians of the Bergoglian army.
  • The comments of Pope Benedict XVI upset them more than Bergoglians, because they prove that Benedict XVI is still pope and still has the charism of truth.
  • Only those who remain with Pope Benedict XVI are the true conservatives of the Catholic Church.
  • Bergoglio is clearly an anti-Evangelical figure, this is undeniable.
  • Pope Benedict XVI’s comments regarding the Antichrist is a clear reference to the agenda of Bergoglio.
  • Those who are excluded, excommunicated, by globalist society for speaking the Catholic truth, are in Pope Benedict’s mind the true Church.
  • In the Question & Answer period,
    • he reminds everyone that an authentic Miraculous Medal has 6 pointed stars
    • he affirms that the Pope, before the institution of the Conclave and Cardinal electors, was elected by the Catholics of the Church of Rome.
    • Says that Bl. Emmerich has prophesied that the man elected will be in his 50s of noble blood, from the south of Rome, and will not wear white.
  • In conclusion, he says that after the death of Pope Benedict XVI, let us pray that a man of the level of Pope Saint Pius X to be elected. We do not need a man who is not clear or is wishy-washy. A papal pope is needed.
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    1. Dear John, I do not know the history of the Medal. But I do believe that I once read, that the first issue of the medal was done by a forge with masonic connections and that St. Catherine Labore rejected it. But I am not certain if I remember it correctly.

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