Don Roncaglia: Sunday Mass, in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, Live!

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One thought on “Don Roncaglia: Sunday Mass, in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, Live!”

  1. Greetings from Albuquerque, NM. I am living in a monastery of one doing a public ministry of making hand-painted signs displayed in my front yard. I am seeking some type of fellowship with genuine Christians who follow Christ because after reading the Book of John it became clear to me that I must renounce and denounce the Judaism into which I was born and I did so publicly in a semi-private ceremony in the Protestant church nearest to my house, but they don’t follow the words of Christ when he condemned man lying with man, and also regarding marriage being a lifetime union of a man and a woman, and they promulgate the murder of unborn children, just for starters.

    There is something called Society of St. Pius in my city but they don’t seem to be a church I could follow.

    When I was a teenager the two writers who most influenced my path in life were Thomas Merton who became a Trappist monk in Kentucky and was probably murdered in a freak electrocution accident after he became a prominent speaker against the Viet Nam War. And Henry David Thoreau with his Lecture on Civil Disobedience being in my thoughts when I became an anti-war resister by failing to register for the draft and risked years in prison until Jimmy Carter issued his mass pardons for draft resisters.

    I do public art in my front yard and the main theme is Lies. There’s an old computer with the case removed, there’s stereo equipment, and a huge 37″ Sony flat-screen TV and they all have the word LIES written in bright red pain. Two years ago I was favorably interviewed on the 10 O’Clock News Eye on New Mexico feature of KOB4.

    Are there any true Christians in Albuquerque? I’ve been doing this ministry for Truth for the past five years and people are afraid to even stop and look at what my signs say. There is a tremendous fear among the people and they seem to be brainwashed into believing it to be dangerous to even be seen talking to me.

    Are there any people who value Truth who would come to see my public art? The only people I could find in this state who are speaking publicly against the closure of churches are part of a very large Evangelical church which has been at the forefront of the effort to make abortion illegal here because this city carries the mantle of being the late-term abortion capital of the US where a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy can fly here and go into Southwest Women’s Options at 522 Lomas NE and pay $5000 cash to have her baby killed with a digoxin injection aimed at the baby’s heart and after they verify by ultrasound that the baby’s heart has stopped then she can waddle ten blocks up Lomas and go into UNM Hospital and they’ll treat her at state government expense to deliver her stillborn and treat any complications which arise after sshe paid to have her baby murdered by former associates of the Kansas aborting doctor who was murdered.

    I found Bud and Tara Shaver who came to Albuquerque ten years ago with the mission of ending abortion here, and in preparing for joining them outside abortion clinics I made a sign saying Abortion is Ritual Murder and the other side says Give Thy Seed to Molech and there are two six-pointed stars signifying the Antichrist.

    Is there anyone else in NM who can see that the Corona Hoax is a cover for Satan rising up to be the ruler of the vast majority of people who want to be under His Rule? I am seeking Christian fellowship.

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