Generale Pappalardo to Leone: Behold my plan for the Orange Revolution of June 1, 2020.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The general does not use the term, “Orange Revolution”, I do, because it classifies what he is proposing, as a popular intervention to restore a constitutional government.

Here is a summary in English of the major points of the Brigadier Generals plan for the Orange Revolution of June 1, 2020.

  • Pappalardo: I have been in the Carabinieri for 42 years. I had a brilliant career, I fought against terrorism, I responded to earthquakes. After being promoted to one of the highest office in the Carabinieri, I became aware that politics had corrupted all the national government.
  • In 2014, the Constitutional Court declared the method of election used to constitute the Parliament in 2013 was unconstitutional. Therefore, the parliament should have dissolved itself and called for elections, for the 250 members who were elected by a faulty method.
  • On January 1, 2015, this illegitimate parliament elected Matarella, who is the current President, one of the very judges of the Constitutional Court who ruled the parliament was illegitimate. Therefore, he himself is illegitimate, since his election was arrived at by votes which had no right to be counted.
  • Therefore, the current Parliament is illegitimate. And Matarella has no constitutional right to be President of Italy. As a judge, he has no right to claim ignorance.
  • Article 66 of the Constitutional requires that members of Parliament be convalidated in their same house, within 5 months of their election. The election of a President before the convalidation of an election is invalid, therefore. And this is another reason, that the Matarella’s election as President is invalid.
  • Just as the MP Alfonso had his election invalidated by the Tribunal of L’Aquila, so also Materella’s should be.
  • In 2016, members of my political movement, Ci da Ragione, denounced the crime, but the Procura of Rome took no action.
  • Thus, the current Parliament has no authority to act.
  • In Dec. 2017, we had a meeting, and decided, in accord with the Penal Code, Article 383, that just as a citizen is authorized to arrest anyone who is in obvious flagarant violation of the law, that we would decide to make citizen arrests.
  • So 15 of us went to the President’s Residence, and we presented a decree of citizens’ arrest of the President.
  • Two functionaries, whom we recorded on video, refused to have Matarella appear to the legal request. So I deposited the cause for arrest to the Head of the Carabinieri at the local police station. But they never acted upon it, but neither did the local Prosecutor never denied it, as required by law, to declare it invalid or act upon it.
  • The Procura of Rome, after 2 years, denounced me for 3 accounts having insulted the President of the Republic! Threatening me with being taken to court if I did not admit that Matarella is the President of the Republic. I responded: take me to court!
  • The Procura responded by giving me a court date in November, 2020, to put the trial as far in the future possible.
  • The the entire Parliament is illegitimate. Materella is a usurper.
  • On June 25, 2015, the ruling Party instead of following the decision of the Constitutional court, went ahead convalidating the election, even though many experts in Constitutional law said that by such an action they would make the entire government unconstitutional.
  • The Newspapers refused to print the news. There was a conspiracy of the press to not speak of it, because if they spoke of it, they had to present the justice of the case, and not wanting the people know this, they said nothing.
  • The Constitutional Order, therefore, must be restored by the People.
  • The response to COVID-19 is simply an excuse to establish themselves as a permanent Dictatorship.
  • Autopsies of victims have shown that the persons died of inflammation of the circulatory systems and not by an infection of the lungs.
  • After my appeal on television, which was seen by more than 1.5 million on Facebook, and 9 thousand emails.
  • It was then that a project to vilify me as a nationalist, a facist, a nazi, an ex-generale.
  • It is an outrage that I was attacked for merely saying the truth.
  • Even Trump says this pandemic is fake.
  • On June 12, 2010, at the Council of Europe decided that WHO could forcibly vaccinate citizens for the avian flu, the swine flu. Which has set a precedent. The signers of this decision were all involved with Globalists.
  • These frauds about pandemics have already earned Big Pharma more than 4 billion euros.
  • The WHO declares pandemia to make money for Big Pharma. Billions were spent for the swine flu, which only killed 15,000 euros. The vaccines which were bought by France, Germany, etc., what happened to them?
  • There is a corrupt relation between the WHO declaring a pandemic and signing contracts from Big Pharma.
  • Politicians who go along with past false pandemics end up with cushy jobs with Big Pharma, after they retire from politics.
  • My father was a prisoner of the Nazis, so no one can make a charge of being a Nazi stick to me.
  • The press has to attack me, because they have no way to oppose the truth of what I say.
  • I call on the people of Italy to come to Rome on June 1 and insist together that this government resign. A new government needs to use the right granted by the EU central bank to print 700 Billion in Euros, marked as Italian Euros, and give them to the people to repair the damage done to the nation.
  • We need to restore the Republic and Constitutional Order and restore liberty.
  • This government is terrorizing persons with imprisonment for not observing health decrees, on the grounds of a future unproven risk of infection.
  • This government has murdered doctors, who were forced to care for the sick, when they themselves were not in good health.
  • Statistics show that this is no a pandemic but a mild epidemic of influenza.
  • On June 2, 2020 we will establish a New Government.
  • We will impeach the President, and only the Parliament can judge the matter. But since the Parliament is also illegitimate, there will remain only the People will have the constitutional right to arrest them all and impeach them.
  • I will present a Decree of Impeachment of the entire Government and Heads of State in the name of the People and present it to the Supreme Constitutional Court to order their removal.
  • June 2, 2020 will be a great day in the history of Italy.
  • The Court will hear the decree because the citizens will remain until the Court judges the case.
  • Do you think that the Carabinieri and Police will turn against the People? I will speak on behalf of the People. If there is conflict, it will be a shameful day for the police, not the People.
  • Here is my proposed political program on June 2, 2012. We need a new parliament within 12 months, with a constitutional election. We will establish a National Committee for National government as an interim instrument of government. We will restore Article 1 of the Constitution, the pre-eminence of the sovereignty of the Italian People.
  • We will call for a referendum to restore the sovereignty of Italy.
  • The People are sovereign, not the officers of the Republic.
  • The People who come on June 1, 2020, who have been gravely victimized by the government, will remain until the officers of the National Treasury give them 700 Billion Euros in compensation.
  • I do not want to become Prime Minister, only to put everything back in order.
  • We must become patrons of our own destiny and not allow others to enslave us.

Leone, at the end, says, that when he sees any journalist make false clams against Pappalardo he will denounce them to the police for defamation.

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  1. Wow! General Pappalardo’s account is a perfect example of the motto: “As the Church goes, so goes the nation (or the world)…”

    After the illegitimate College of Cardinals elected a false pope in March 2013, similarly, one year later, the illegitimate Italian parliament illegitimately elected Matarella. It seems everything in the Italian Gov’t went downhill thereafter and now Con Artist Conte (another illegitimately elected official) is running things…

    “As the Church goes, so goes the nation (or the world)…”

  2. I wish the Brigadier General good luck. While he’s at it, could he review the Lateran Treaty with the Vatican in order to clean out that infernal hellhole?

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