All Hell is breaking loose among those who reject Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have not yet noticed, among Catholics, on social media in the English speaking world, at least, all hell has broken loose over the Church Militant exposé of sexual abuse by clergy and laymen associated with the Society of Saint Pius X.

As a Franciscan, I am particularly grieved at the loss of charity over the mere publication of facts and testimonies. Our love and respect for mere mortals should never lead us to defame, calumniate or attack persons who are victims and those who want them to get justice.

What seems to be the only commonality among the internecine warfare of character destruction and assassination, is that they all reject Pope Benedict XVI as the true pope.

I, least and latest of all, along with many others, who were way before me and leading on this issue long before me, have been pleading with them to return to Pope Benedict XVI. We did and do this out of love for truth and love for souls.

So I cannot rejoice at the vicious behavior of infighting which has followed the Church Militant report. I think the victims are being forgotten in all of this.

The error of Russia, in making every question of truth a political one — because, for Marxists, there is no objective truth, only the struggle to establish the classless society, where there are no classes except the Marxists who rule as tyrants and untouchables — seems to have been widely accepted by conservatives even in the Catholic Church.

This principle is an occasion of the sins of calumny, detraction and defamation, in the form of ad hominem attacks on persons who simply lay out the facts to the best of their ability, or lack their of, as only history and God will judge some day — unless courts intervene in the meantime.

But it is undeniable that if you cannot see that MINISTERIUM is not the same word as MUNUS, and thereby you insist that Bergoglio is just as much a valid pope as all the popes from Saint Peter to Pope Benedict XVI, then you are clearly not making your judgements on the basis of objective truth, but on the basis of human opinion polls. And that is politics, not religion.

Dissention among those with this world view, then, is inevitably political in nature, not religious.  Good Catholics should imitate Saint Thomas Aquinas who replied to the arguments, not to the character of those who moved them.

And if those we admire greatly have personal histories with blotches on them, this should not lead us to attack those who simply point that out, even though this out not be done to respond to sound arguments or evident facts or testimonies.

Let there be peace! The kind of peace that this world does not give!

And that is only found in accepting the whole Truth, Jesus Christ. Including, His word to Saint Peter, on Canon Law:  Whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in Heaven.

And if there is anyone, who has joined this ungodly fray, who is in communion with Pope Benedict, I exhort you in the Lord to stop it, immediately. You are risking eternal damnation.

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8 thoughts on “All Hell is breaking loose among those who reject Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I have seen it personally, those who have in their title Benedict is the only Pope or something like that on Twitter, or defending Benedict is Pope, but the vile, demonic, ugly attacks at Church Militant and Christine Niles for exposing the evil in the SSPX coming from these folks who supposed to follow Pope Benedict, you need to follow this call.

  2. Br. Alexis, that this is primarily a political feud not a spiritual or religiously motivated conflict is a most significant deduction and one, as you have discerned as the direct result of both parties refusing to face the glaring reality of the illegal claim of the apostate Bergoglio to the papacy. Such a refusal means both (the SSPX under Felay) have place politics ahead of spiritual and religious values! A couple of weeks ago Voris, addressed Bergoglio in one of his Vortexes as “Holy Father.” So I again dropped my support for CM — and now this unholy attack on the SSPX made it even more clear why I could no longer support CM or even e-mail out his reports. Thanks for sharing that important insight!

  3. Pope Benedict can do The Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart along with all those Bishops in union with him, (including the Faithful Bishops of St. Pius X), and thus in union with Christ And His One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, outside of which, there is no Salvation, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.

  4. Not surprised one bit.

    Bergoglians have become so low class these days and their behavior is going to get so much worse because God is truly breaking their pride during this lock down. He is putting their anti church to shame because it was built on sand (JM Bergoglio) and not upon the Rock of Saint Peter(Benedict XVI).

    The schisms and divisions among them will grow and their scandals and violence with one another will increase. It will reach the point of death threats and murders among them.

    We’ll suddenly begin to hear that this or that Catholic personality went into hiding like Vigano because he was threatened or blackmailed.

    All of their pipe dream alliances, cliques, friendships, pacts and pet projects that were formed upon the lie that Bergoglio was the true pope, are falling apart.

    Let us pray that they do not despair and that they find hope in vowing to remain faithful to the Holy Father Benedict XVI, the true Perennial Magisterium, and that they can be washed by Jesus Christ of all their iniquities.

      1. What Our Lord promised to those within the Church who oppose the cornerstone of the Church (Christ –and His Peter who rules in Christ’s absence) will be ground to powder! These within the Church will have the Rock fall upon them. Those perhaps outside the Church, those not as responsible for the error or those within the Church who are too cowardly to defend and honor Peter and who merely “fall on/against” that Stone will be “broken.” Matthew 21:44
        As the Kingdom was taken from Israel and given to the Gentiles because their religious rulers became anti-Christ. So now, because Rome has become anti-Christ, the Kingdom will be taken from her and be given to another. Romans ch 11; 2 Thess. ch. 2

    1. Rome has lost the faith as predicted by Our Blessed Mother. It cannot be restored unless & until the entire band of usurpers (inc. all disloyal prelates who call AF Your Holiness/Holy Father/Pope are excommunicated, as they are clearly not in communion with PBXVI. I haven’t yet seen any prelate condemn AF for his recent blasphemy that all are justified by Christ’s Passion & Death, giving the impression that Infidels, Schismatics & even Satanists will go to Heaven. For seven years they have let him loose on mankind & now we have no Church to go to. They are, at best, a bunch of conmen.

      Hopefully, Pope Benedict will reclaim the PO & order these excommunications & not get cold feet about it. He then necessarily will have to consecrate Russia & reveal the Third Secret intact. Our Lady has been left waiting ever so long for Her requests to be satisfied. When they are She has promised things will take a dramatic turn to restoration.

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