Carabinieri interrupt Catholic Mass

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A Sunday Mass of 14 persons stopped by the police (Carabinieri). The first scene shows the priest, Don Lino Viola, denouncing the unconstitutionality of the restrictions. Then a police man says the Mayor has not approved the mass. The final intervention, the police man brings a cellphone to the Altar and demands that the Priest while celebrating speak to the Mayor!

After the first segment, the Italian MP Sgarbi explains the grave violation to Article 19 of the Italian Constitution. He then cites several cases which occurred in Italy. Then, he explains what happened in this video.

This video is from April, 21, 2020.

Since 2017, I have been advocating that each Parish should have men trained to defend the Church and the faithful. Here is a clear case, where such a corps of men could have prevented the sacrileges committed by the Carabinieri, by preventing them entrance to the Church, and using force if necessary to prevent the transgression of Article 19 of the Italian Constitution, which grants the Church sovereignty in Her own buildings.

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One thought on “Carabinieri interrupt Catholic Mass”

  1. Defend the Priest. He is Persona Christi.

    This should not be on the Priest to defend the High Altar and Christ therein.

    Men should rise up and defend their Lord and His holy Priests.

    Men: It would be an embarrassment and grave injustice to sit by while the Priest defends himself or submits to State authority while you do nothing, or to sit there while the women rise up and do your job for you.

    Prepare in advance to do our duty. When it happens, it will happen fast and will be a surprise, no doubt. Think it through in your mind – what are you prepared to do under these or similar circumstances.

    My advice: be peaceful as much as possible, reasonable, rational – but strong, firm, totally committed to Christ and His honor above the Law and respect of Man.

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