Avv. Edoardo Polacco — May 4th responds to new Decree and Attacks


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a summary of Attorney Polacco’s discourse:

  • Let us not allow attacks against us to discredit me and our efforts.
  • We did something which is democratic and civil.
  • There is no basis for criticism of what we are doing.
  • Those who are trolling the information we publish are clearly being paid to do so.
  • We will not allow such opposition stop us.
  • We are movement of thousands who have put their names on the criminal complaints.
  • Other groups and lawyers and judges are joining our movement to do the same thing.
  • Our revolution has already won because we have convinced many others to proceed in a legal manner.
  • I cannot present more Querelas, but ask you to it on your own, because I have done all I can, and will continue in this cause, until death, without asking to be paid.
  • Do not send me more citations which you have received from the police.
  • Many of these citations are illegitimate and can be fought in court.
  • The term during which you can contest your citation lasts until June 15th.
  • Legal contestations of such citations are made to the Prefecturates in each place.
  • The DCPMs of the government are written so badly that they can be interpreted in any manner, and I believe this is intentional, because no one can be so sloppy and ignorant intentionally.
  • This is demonstrated by the official FAQ published by Governo.it which attempts to explain that the word, congiunto, means something which it has never meant in Italian law.
  • This new decree of April 26, which goes into effect on May 4, will cause an avalanche of legal abuses, since it offers no assistance to the police in how to interpret it and thus allows unjust interpretations.
  • You cannot go for a walk (per fare una passeggiata), but you can go out for reasons of movement (attività mototoria).
  • At the website of my Legal Office, you can download a form by which you can explain your purpose for being outside in a way that the police cannot misinterpret your explanation and thus, you can avoid the 400-500 euro fine.
  • Your self-declaration has in Italian law the value of a public act, which cannot be questioned or opposed or asked to be removed by the Police, so as to prevent you from going outside or fine you. You are thus not obliged to give any other or further explanation. And the police cannot deny your reasons, without filing a criminal complaint and take upon themselves the legal responsibilty.
  • I have included all the legal reasons by which you can justify your movement outside of house, which are not contained on the official government form.
  • You are not obliged to reveal the name, address, or phone number of any other person whom you are visiting.


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  1. We have yet to see attorneys (especially the Catholic ones) in the United States, lose it like Avv. Edoardo Polacco and go all out pro-bono for the people.

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